Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 30th 2008

Shane French /

March 30, 2008

Hey all,

well it seems we are about to get a little of the wet stuff for our fishery. I am allowed out to play this afternoon as I did my babysitting duties all yesterday, so will report back soon, untill then please read the following.

The Rock Wall, (part two)

It seems that I ruffled a few feathers with my report on the rock wall that sits just off the Bridge pool on the Waitahanui. I received a phone call Friday afternoon from one of the guys involved in the planning and structural involvement on the project. Gavin Williamson is the Hydro Generation Manager for Mighty River Power and he wanted to pop by and have a chat about my comments. There is always two sides in an argument and it was going to be interesting to hear their side of things.

The ugly pile of rocks, ( and even Gavin agreed to that) was defiantly not placed there to stop the natural flow of the lake down towards Taupo. In fact they have been assured by the engineers who developed it that this would not happen. Gavin was very adamant on this point and I believe him. It seems Mighty River power got themselves stuck between a hard place and a rock, choosing the lesser of two evils. The rocks were only put there to break the wave action for the lake front properties and to hopefully stop the Waitahanui River breaking through straight below the Bridge pool again. I can understand and see how this will work.

Sand spit going out to Rocks causing weed build upWhat we did agree on in our conversation, was that due to the VERY low lake level, (we are caught up in this drought thing as well) a spit has formed out to the pile of rocks and officially stopped the flow going down that way. This is the reason for the sludge build up and Gavin agrees that any weed drifting down this way , at present will get stuck there and cause problems. Maintaining a regular lake level it seems is not as easy as I mentioned due to the rest of the North island requirements for power. When we get the winter rains and the lake fills up again, Gavin (hopes) but is sure the spit joining the rocks to the beach will be washed out, deepen up again and the flow will resume. In the mean time any foul smelling weed will be excavated if and when necessary and if the spit doesn’t deepen up then it too will be dug out. My little ecosystem of Bully’s and Koura out there has certainly been vanquished and Gavin was genuinely disappointed by that. It is thought that the rocks placed there, (and I used that term lightly) will in time provide a very healthy ecosystem for all types of lake creatures, I agree on this. There will be no more sand dumped in this area however and Gavin was surprised by the quick shallowing of the bay! Mighty River Power has ongoing studies into the impact on the environment, carried out by NIWA , they are very aware of not screwing this up!

As I mentioned we both agreed on the fact it is an eye saw. Gavin welcomed all positive thoughts on how mighty River Power could lessen the visual disturbance created by this break water. Please send in any recommendations to this web site and I will forward them on. No dynamite suggestions though, ok Brendon!

It seems that some of the people making these decisions, do in fact live in the Taupo area and actually fish, my apologies, (Shane smile’s)!

One other thing before I sign off on this. If you build a house or business close to a river or lake in new Zealand be prepared for at some stage that nature will damage your property. Don’t then bitch and complain about things being unfair. Mighty River powers hands are tied somewhat and I am sure we would ALL complain if we had no power!

So there you have it.

Regards Shane