Lake taupo Trout fishing Report For The 30th January 2008

Shane French /

January 30, 2008

Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of reports, I have had other priorities over the week. Should be back on track within the next few days so keep checking. Thank you to all the readers that have come into the shop over the past month to say hello, it is wonderful to meet you all and give a little advice on the area and to also get feed back for the web site. I have been a slack bastard in some respects regarding my site but hopefully will get onto one or two things this year and make it more informative and enjoyable.

dscf2532_final.JPGI had a phone call yesterday morning from Brett seeing if I wanted to go for a flick somewhere. I haven’t fished with this dry fly Guru for ages and so readily accepted. We decided on backcountry as he wanted to kick my arse,(once again) and we both love the stream we choose and the area it is situated in. It was a bit of a late start as I had a few things to attend to first and by the time we arrived at the river bank Brett was as excited as his over size Labrador dog, Briggs.

dscf2024_final.JPGThe usual bets were laid on the counter, a dollar for the first fish, most fish hooked, (note, not landed Brett doesn’t believe in landing trout) and of course the biggest fish of the day. Brett chose to fish dry fly and dropper and i went with small Nymphs and tiny indicator. In the first pool of the river Brett fished a small back eddy and his Nymph was scoffed down from a good size but under conditioned jack that went about 3.5 pounds. There went the first dollar! I picked up and then dropped,(of course Brendon) a very good fish in a fantastic piece of water just up from there. The look of horror on Brett’s face as it crashed to the surface was priceless, you could see his mind ticking over,”shit there goes a dollar”. The giggle that followed it’s untimely release was nothing short of girly by the way. From there up we regularly picked up trout but they were all in the 1 to 1.5 pound range and all in the shallow fast ripply water, we never picked up a fish in any of the great looking deep water that this small river possess.

dscf2533_final.JPGBrett was creaming me by this stage, he had the first, he had the biggest,(slabby looking bastard it was too) and because I am a gentleman I was letting him have the best water so he slammed me on the most fish caught. I do have to admit though that his skill with the dry fly is great to watch, he knows the water fish will lie in and has some killer flies to get them interested. I fully recommend him as a guide if I am not available! He wore the gay looking hat just to get a bite from me, it didn’t take long believe me.

Back in Taupo!! dscf1553_final.JPG

Plenty of fish in all the rips. That moon is staying down now till well after 12.00pm so night fishing for those Browns is back on the menu. The Waitahanui has some awesome looking fresh run rainbows in there and the Browns are stacking up too. It is a great way to spend the afternoon stalking these large fish with Polaroid’s and a long leader. The Tongariro has masses of fish in it, some of these Browns are enormous and if you take your time and have the right drift going on, they will take! Brendon “I’m a fish” Mathews swears by a large Cicada with a Prince Nymph hung well underneath. while i’m on the Brendon subject, he is leaving the Taupo area to carry on a career with machinery down in the South Island. I for one will miss your positive input into the Taupo district and your inspiration as a fisherman and photographer. Those poor Brownies and Salmon in the South Island are already shaking in fear. salutes you.

Ok team thats it for a few days, check back in later and I will burble on about another fishing adventure.

Regards Shane