Lake Taupo Trout Fishing report for The 30th July 2007

Shane French /

July 30, 2007

Hey all

I took Bill from Putararu onto the Hinemaiaia and then the Tauranga Taupo this morning. I thought with all the rain that we had over night the Hinemaiaia might have been up a little more than it was. It did have a little extra colour and flow to it but not too much. There were good numbers of trout in it however. There were fishermen everywhere, at least 12 on this small piece of water!!

I was expecting large numbers of cars at the Tauranga Taupo but was pleasantly surprised to find ONE car at 8.45 am. Good numbers of fish were in this river although once again the quality was way below average. The level rose while we were there and I see it probably was at .600 while we fished it. Talk about fish your feet first. We must have pulled five fish today no more than a rod length from the tip. They were obviously sheltering in the slower water and with the extra colour were not spooked at all, great fun today on the TT and a very successful guide.

No reports in from the other rivers today, the shop was quiet.

We have very heavy rain here at the moment and I would not be surprised to find most of the rivers unfishable tomorrow morning, please feel free to ring and check if you are unsure. Ross from the Tongariro River Motel has said he loves those 4.30am calls, so please feel free to phone him for advice on the Tongariro.

Take care

Regards Shane