Lake Taupo trout fishing report for the 30th of August 2007

Shane French /

August 30, 2007

Hey all,

Ellen with first ever Trout on fly rodYesterday I fished with Ellen and Bob from America. The plan was to teach them the basics of fly fishing and show them some Taupo river sights. We started at Totara Bridge where they got a good hour and a half of tuition, learning to get their line downstream ready for the next cast, the water load, mending and line control. I even played the trout for them to give them some idea of what was going to happen once they hooked up. This is one area of fly fishing that I feel most new anglers struggle with. In that initial hookup period let the fish dominate, unless it is heading for snags. Don’t try to hold a running trout as you will most certainly be busted off.

spinners are not aloud RossWe dropped two fish in the Waitahanui, one being a solid 5.5 to 6 pounds. Ellen was ecstatic just to be there and kept reminding me she didn’t really need to catch fish just the experience of being on the water was enough. If only all my clients where like that!! She excelled in river crossings and at one stage got quite excited by hooking a rock. There are some nice fish in the Waitahanui and it seems a few are trickling in all the time now. In the afternoon we shot over to the Hinemaiaia for a different river to fish. There were a few fresh fish in there and only one angler on the water. River conditions were good with a little extra flow. We dropped two nice fresh trout and then landed this little Jack. Not the greatest of fish but Ellen did it all herself including striking like a demon. Check out the snag we removed!! Ross baker must have been down there at some stage! A great day out on the water with two very special people.

We have a howling southerly blowing in at the moment and it will surly push a few fish into the Waitahanui.

Regards Shane