Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 30th Of January 2010

Shane French /

January 30, 2010


Hey all,

Its been a case of fish when and where you can this week, with all the rain the central plateau has been receiving in the afternoons. If you are planning on getting onto the water then try and make it as early in the day as you can. The mornings have been bright and sunny and this has made the trout come on the bite. By the afternoon the barometer drops and the trout certainly are harder to get.

p1290005I had Alan from Australia for a few days this week and we ended our time on the Tongariro chasing the browns on the dry fly. I love it when a client can show me a thing or two and I am ALWAYS open to this. Alan has spent many years chasing the Browns in the South islandĀ  using dry flies and so had a trick or two up his sleeve. It was a pleasure to watch him cast and we certainly put a dent in the population, or though none were taken. By the way Bob he says you are a girl and that if you were to fish the Whanganui you would have to loosen your Bra. He sends his love to Chris as well, although at that stage I was a little frightened he4 might hug me, (again)!

I enjoy taking you Aussie boys out as you love your sport and are quite capable anglers, (until I load you up with weight) and then it all turns to custard!!

There are a HEAP of trout in the Tongariro, more so than I have seen for years and they are in AWESOME condition. The reports from the lake are good as well with many trout in the 45 + range and FAT!!! This was always going to be a telling season for the Taupo fishery. To his credit, Brendon Mathews, (book, Volcanic Trout) saw all this coming and predicted the outcome. So far this has been on the spot, nice one dude, goes to show how well you know the fishery. For anyone wanting that type of knowledge his book can be found in most book shops in New Zealand.

I have a massive February coming up with some really exciting guides into all parts of the North Island, I am really looking forward to this part of the season. However if you want to grab me for a half day on the Tonagriro and learn this dry fly stuff get in touch and I will see what I can do.

Tight lines out there.

Regards Shane