Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 30th Of July 2008

Shane French /

July 30, 2008

Hey All

It can stop raining now!

I am doing some cheffing at the Tongariro Lodge to keep my hand in there. Late this afternoon some poor angler got himself stuck on the Island outside the lodge in rising water conditions. In the end they had to get a helicopter in to get him off. I wondered if it was Ross at first but then I saw he had a trout so it can’t have been!

On the Ross subject.

He threw his toys far from the pram in last nights report, regarding my comments on his beloved Tongariro. It seems the reports I received about lack of fish and quality of them being bad was miss timed and that seconds after I put my report in a huge SWARM of giant Glo Bug eating Rainbows entered the Braids and the fishing was red hot. Hate that!!! Still I knew it would piss him off and he took the bait well and truly. Keep taking the blood pressure pills dude.

Now for a report on a proper river.

Plenty of good trout in the Waitahanui, (see the spelling) some of these are excellent fish that will test your gear. Of course we don’t have the pleasure of walking 200 meters down stream to land our fish without a net on the Waitahanui so you will need some skill in landing and playing a fish on this beautiful river. The rip has been firing as well on the change of light again with some good fish taken, bright orange Heave and leaves doing some damage here.

The Tauranga Taupo will be out for a while again due to all the rain.

The Hinemaiaia looked like it was up as well as I shot over the bridge this afternoon, there were no cars in the bridge car park as well.

Take care all,

Regards Shane