Lake Taupo Trout fishing report For The 30th Of September 2007

Shane French /

October 1, 2007

Hey All,

I shot back to the Tongariro yesterday afternoon and fished through till Dark. The plan was to fish below the bridge but due to angling pressure I decided to look for new water I hadn’t fished before. I parked at Admirals and walked downstream by the pumice Cliff face there. The water was still up and had excellent colour to it. I nymphed my way up from the bottom without success, then attached one of the Rio sink tip leaders to my floating line and wet lined my way back down. Second cast and I was into a very feisty Hen that went just under 45 cm. If the Limit was 42cm it would have come home with me. I had three more good hits from there down but missed them all. I was using a little fly called a Hydro Hustler, from feather merchants. It seemed to do the trick in the coloured water.

From there i shot up to Red Hut and fished down from the bridge. I picked up Two on the Nymph, one a Jack that I almost took home but he had been in the river a wee bit and so let him go and a small Hen. I then walked back up to the bridge whacked on the Rio sink tip and fished there until just before dark. I had two strikes and then landed a very spent Jack that felt like a piece of wood! I used a size 4 Green woolly bugger as the water had coloured up even more. The rain in Turangi was persistent at this stage and VERY cold.

I would say the fishing on this river over the next few days will be excellent and although the pressure on the lower reaches was high, above the bridge seemed fairly light, even with school holidays.

I am on the Waitahanui Monday and so will report about it then.

Regards Shane