Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 31 October 2007

Shane French /

October 31, 2007

Hey all,

I fished the Hinemaiaia river late yesterday afternoon with my Dad. There were no cars in the car park at 2.30 pm and we had the whole stretch of river to ourselves. Dad managed to pull one fresh Hen out of the steps pool and I dropped another very good fish as well. Dad was using his new Temple Fork 7# and christened it well. We moved down stream where I pulled a spent jack out. This would easily have gone 7 pounds in its prime but was dark and a little thin. It gave a really good fight though. All three fish took the Glo Bug. Don’t give up on this river yet and it certainly is a top spot to get away from the crowds. The water level was low and VERY clear, this did make spotting easy and fun.

This morning we were on the Waitahanui by 7.30 and fished all the lower pools. We never even had a touch, very hard going in the Waitahanui. If you are going to fish this river today the upper pools would certainly be the place to be.

The wind has picked up again and is blowing a steady 15Km straight in to the river mouth. We are expecting a little rain over the weekend as well.

Ok guys news flash just in from Bio-Security. They have found DEAD DIDYMO cells in the following rivers within the central Plateau. The Mangatepopo, (joins the upper Whanganui), the Whanganui and the Whakapapa, crap crap and crap!!!!!!!!!!!!They are going to re- test all the rivers but in the mean time are asking anglers not to fish these rivers. It is NOW absolutely imperative that we clean and dry all our fishing gear that comes into contact with river water. I will forward any new information as it becomes available to myself.

Regards Shane