Lake Taupo Trout fishing report For The 31st July 2007

Shane French /

July 31, 2007

Hey all

I guided Chad from America today. We checked out the Hinemaiaia first but due to angling pressure went looking for less occupied water. The Tauranga Taupo once again had very few cars in the parking area and so we gave that a crack. Chad had a few skills that we could work with and so soon had him hooked up into some fairly lively Rainbows in the vicinity of 3.5 to 4 pounds. Again they seemed to be close to the banks.

He wanted to have a look at the Tongariro and so we drove down there for a look but not a fish. The water looked perfect!!! I thought I saw Ross Baker walking along the bridge but then he was carrying a fish and so it couldn’t have been him,(smile).

On the way back we fished the Waitahanui around the cliff pool area. The water had a nice touch of colour and was up a little as well. We picked up a spawned out Jack that would have been a good fish in its time.

I see that the Tauranga Taupo water level has shot way up now and the Tongariro has come up as well. Wet Lining on the Tongariro tomorrow morning should be good in the lower section.

Take care

Regards Shane