Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 31st of October 2008

Shane French /

October 31, 2008

Hey All

dscf4254.JPGI have just had an amazing four hours on the Waitahanui. I had a few things to attend to this morning but as I hadn’t been for a fish for myself in about a week, I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms, Lesley threw me out at 11.00am this morning with the order to unwind, god I love that woman!

dscf4249-1.JPGOf course the only river for me to do this on is the Waitahanui. I get asked all the time by clients which river is my favourite. I always come back with the same answer, I love them all. However today I finally came to realize the Waitahanui River is by far my favorite. Apart from the fact I grew up on it wet lining rabbits, it is a unique fishery when it comes to the set out of the pools and the foliage surrounding them. It is a peaceful place that is good for my soul.

Hell I better stop, i’m starting to sound like Ross.

dscf4243.JPGSo today I started at the bridge pool and slowly walked my way up to Pig. The stretch just down from Schoolmasters is holding a few very nice fish. If you were to cross over to the true right and work up slowly you might take one or two of these. I was just happy to look at them today. The rig I had on was a Little Black fly and a size 14 Glo Bug as the point fly. I dropped a fish that I only had on briefly in this pool just down from Colonels and from there up to the cliff never saw another trout.

dscn1923.JPGI landed a nice little Hen from Cliff after about two Dozen casts. This pool, (and I am talking about the top part of Cliff) has changed dramatically. It has silted over on the true right and basically cut the pool in half. It still holds though! From there up I had a blast. The first fish I came across didn’t want boo from me and just sat there. In the end i tied on a Kaufman’s Flash back pheasant tail in Size 16 from Feather merchants and on the first cast it snatched it. I watched the whole mouth opening up routine and turning sideways, very cool. From there on it was naturals all the way. I dropped a BIG spent Jack in Washerwomans that would have been huge in his prime. I was left with one of his teeth on the prince Nymph I was using at this stage. I have never had a trout tooth before!

dscf4250.JPGJust down from the Crescent I saw a trout take something off the surface and so watched for a while. There were a few floaty things on the surface and within a few minutes it came up and took another swipe at a piece. I tied on a Royal Wolfe and cast it out. First drift and wham this Trout didn’t hesitate, it came straight up and inhaled it. Stuff the count to two routine I struck and this thing went ballistic, a great fight and a sweet little Hen.

I pulled one from the Rock pool that should have been dead ages ago, (surprised it had the strength to take the nymph at all) and then I rung Lesley to come and pick me up. I think I landed about ten fish in total but one on the dry fly and a heap of hook ups as well. The Waitahanui has good numbers of trout in there.

Hope you have a good safe weekend.

Regards Shane