Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 3rd of December 2008

Shane French /

December 3, 2008

Hey all,

dscf4244.JPGI went for a stroll up the Waitahanui early this afternoon. Managed to spook a nice Brown in the Lower section that was HUGE!! There a good number of trout in this section, take your time through the water and wear Polaroids. I landed two good fish in the middle section and one older fish in the Pig Pool. I stopped there as I wanted to have a flick in the Hinemaiaia.

dscn1527.JPGShot over there and went in low. Wow this section had a hell of a beating with the floods and I lost a wee bit of gear to start with. I ended up switching to a dry and dropper to avoid these horrible time consuming branches and managed to pick up three good fish, all taking the #16 bead head Pheasant Tail. The feeling is from a few regular fishermen on this river that it is a bit harder this opening season.Angling pressure was not that bad but fish numbers were certainly lower than the last few years. Good to note however that some of the trout hooked were in excellent condition.I still haven’t given Nate back his 5# AXIOM and I have been having a blast with it. If you are after a great rod that can punch into the wind, water Load and mend with ease then this is for you.

dscn1623.JPGThere should be some good evening rise action going off on the Tongariro with all the hot muggy weather, stick around until after dark though as that is when the big boys come out to feed.

regards Shane