Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 3rd Of June 2008

Shane French /

June 3, 2008

Hey all,

What a busy little weekend we have just had, although I have to say Taupo was down in visitors something chronic and from all accounts petrol prices are to blame. This is going to hurt business! Labour has once again proved themselves to be a bunch of useless wankers, problem is I don’t think national are any better.

The view from the front of the LodgeOut on the water things are not too much better. We had Phill from Palmerston north stay from Thursday night and fish out the front of the Lodge in his boat. He must have put in 20 hours and only boated 1 decent keepable fish. He released a few that were VERY fat but just under size, he looks forward to the drop in size this coming season!

A good one from the WaitahanuiLikewise the Waitahanui was very hard and you were lucky if you pulled trout from it. In so saying there are fish in there and some of them are excellent specimens but they all tend to have their mouths firmly shut. Paul pulled four from the upper reaches on Saturday but he had to work hard for them and he is a bloody good fisherman. The rip looks great at the moment but apart from change of light, is not getting any pressure at all, this is not a good sign!!

The Hinemaiaia is fishing BLOODY hard!!! Dave Cade dropped by yesterday afternoon just as I was going out and said he only saw one trout come out of the Hine on Saturday and he was parked up there all day doing the Didymo thing. If you go down to the river mouth and have a look at the rip you will see why there are no fish in here. What a terrible looking rip it is at the moment. This needs some serious digging out!!! Man there should be some fish holding off out there by now. If you strike this rip at the right time you are going to have a blast.

A couple of good trout taken from the tauranga Taupo River MouthI fished the lower Tauranga Taupo yesterday afternoon just up from the bridge. The water was low and clear and it was hard going. Paul landed a nice fat Jack of about 3 pounds but that was it. The river mouth has been fishing well at times with some nice fish taken.

The Tongariro is just as hard as any of the rivers. There are some big groups of fish in this mighty river but you will need to move around and find them. Apparently angling pressure was high over the weekend. I hope Turangi had a good weekend as the reports in say they are struggling a bit this year so far. The condition of the fish is a little patchy in this river with a mixed bag of good and bad trout.

We didn’t really get too much rain over the weekend and all the rivers could benefit from a good downpour. Unfortunately this isn’t going to happen for a wee while as we have another high over us. We are due for a North westerly though and so this might blow a few fish into the rivers. Hopefully it will smash the bar at the Hinemaiaia and open up the rip.

Chili smoked trout stacked on Crostini with a Vermouth and lime mayoThe picture here is of chili smoked trout stacked on crostini and drizzled with a vermouth and lime mayo.

I hope you all had a safe relaxing weekend.

regards Shane