Lake Taupo Trout fishing report For The 4th Of August 2007

Shane French /

August 4, 2007

Hey all

Another fantastic day on the water yesterday, (Friday). I was sent out by Lesley to bring back my limit of good fish for us to smoke, both the girls love smoked Trout and I haven’t taken a fish for a long time. The Waitahanui seems to have the best fish in it at the moment and I knew the Tauranga Taupo and the Tongariro were going to be FULL of fishermen. I started down low and worked my way up to the pig pool. There were one or two fishermen on the water but nothing compared to the other rivers. I had a report in from the Tauranga Taupo that there were 18 cars in the car park and an angler on every corner of the river!!!! How much fun is that.

The fish were in the Waitahanui and they were of a good size as well. I was using the multi coloured Glo Bugs at first, picking up three nice Jacks and dropping a few others. Once again the fence pool produced for me, much to the disgust of an angler who had just walked out of there with no hook ups. A good drift is essential in the Waitahanui but no more so than in this pool. Champagne Orange Dot Glowies were put on as it became lighter and I started picking up fish in most of the pools and lies. I foul hooked a good fish in Little Cliff that walked me all the way back down to Washer womans. It had me out on my backing at one stage which is quite the effort on the Waitahanui. The hook pulled as I didn’t want to walk any further and so gave it death.

This morning at 9.30 am I fished the Waitahanui Rip for 1.5 hours. The Rip is in excellent condition with a well defined deep drop off and reasonable flow. It has fished well on and off over the past few days and I thought with the drop in Barometer they might have moved in. I didn’t get a touch!!! This probably is the main reason why some anglers don’t enjoy rip fishing and why most guides don’t take their clients into the many Taupo Rips, it can be slow. I still enjoy being out there, the anticipation of the fish moving in and all hell breaking loose keeps me alert. At worst I get some much needed casting practice, at best you get a fish or a strike a cast. It is no secret that the best fish taken in Taupo come from the rips. For those anglers that have just said BULL S#$@ to that comment, need to fish the rips more often!

We have steady cold rain falling at the moment which should bring a few more fish into the rivers.

Be safe on the water.

Regards Shane