Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 4th Of November 2007

Shane French /

November 4, 2007

Hey all,

Look at that run going into the large pool,, drool drool!!!I fished an upper section of a Back country river yesterday with a friend. I have been to this river a few times now and put some hard yards in to find entry and exit spots along the river. It is always a good practice to ask permission when required to cross land, most farmers don’t mind and just want to know who is on their land!

The river we fished, is renowned for its “big water”, however yesterday it was reasonably low and so crossing were good. As I have mentioned before, the rocks do not have algae build up yet and so walking was easy. We immediately picked up small fish in the 1 pound range. These are great fun as they use the current to full effect and are a very energetic trout in general. I always excpct the trout size to be smaller close to car access, as this area is where angling pressure is at its highest. The further away we got from the car the bigger the fish became, (you lazy buggers you!!). What really pissed me off was leaving my camera is the car, so I have no pictures from this section of the river.

This river is mind blowingAt one stage while fishing at the top of a long rapid I hooked into a VERY angry Rainbow that went straight into the rapid and tore off down stream like I have never encountered before. I couldn’t follow him down for more than one reason and If I didn’t stop it, I was going to see my backing,(and fast). clamping down on the line with my hand I slowly walked down stream over the rocks not giving him any more line. The deceiver 7 pound fluro must have been close to breaking and I couldn’t believe the hook was holding!! The old adrenaline was fair pumping by this stage, and although not a big fish it was still about three pounds and in VERY fast water. It slowly had to move in to slower moving water and I managed to beach it between two rocks. I quickly unhooked the hair and copper from its mouth and walked back up to the quieter water above. It took a good five minutes of holding it into the soft flow of the river before it swam away. I was still buzzing when I got home and tried to explain it to Lesley. Apparently looking after the kids is not as much fun!

Both Stephen and I were busted off by a few good fish in the 5 to 6 pound mark. You always know it is a good fish when you strike in, feel a heavy weight on the end and then are smoked across a pool so fast, you snap off. It too is a great feeling and part of the game.

All in all a very productive day with good company, plenty of Trout and a very beautiful river. I am now available to guide on all my back country rivers. If you want a unique experience with all the hassell and confusion taken out of the preperation, you can contact me through this web site.

Didmyo update::: The Mangatepopo which is an upper tributary of the Whanganui, the Whanganui itself and the Whakapapa have all come back as negative for Didymo. All new samples taken from all the effected rivers are undergoing a DNA analysis. This test can detect Didmyo at very low levels. MAF Biosecurity NZ are also looking into the possibility of cross-contamination during initial field testing. So fisho’s it may not be all gloom and doom at this stage. Whatever the outcome I have been scared into action and will take every precaution not to be the one spreading the stuff. It is also good to know that regular testing is being done on all the rivers within our region, this must be a costly exercise and is really important for early detection. A big thank you from Taupofishing!

Take care out there on the waterand tight lines to all.