Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 5th August 2007

Shane French /

August 5, 2007

Hey All,

I was out with a Couple on the Waitahanui this morning. We picked up three trout in the lower section, dropping a nice one around Hut Reach. From there we drove to the upper pools where we dropped another two. I thought we might be able to find the tail of the run that had gone through, but they had moved though fairly fast. Most anglers that were on the Waitahanui today had Trout and it was good to see some excellent fish amongst them.

This afternoon I shot over to the Hinemaiaia myself, for a good “look see”. I walked down to the Rock wall and fished my way back upstream. The water was running high and fast, although visibility was still OK. Watch your crossings on this stone bed river, as the flow is damn deceptive!! I manged to pick up two fish on way way up to the car park, one of which was hideous! I was about to open my Truck up when I thought I may as well have a flick in the piece just down from the bridge. First cast and Bam I was into a good Jack. These fish look great when they have their spawning colours on. It swam hard downstream and busted me off. I tied on another length of leader, this one being ten pound fluro and cast out again. Bam another good fish it straightened the hook as I applied too much pressure as it tore at MAC ten downstream. Should have taken my eight weight!!! This time I tied on a size eight Orange Champagne Dot Glo Bug and let rip. Nothing happened for about twenty casts. I was making my way slowly up the True Left casting ahead and letting it drift back towards me. I added more split shot as the flow was really strong and although it was harder to cast, I felt at least I was getting down. Wham, (no not the band) the indicator tore under. I will never get sick of that weighty head shake, that Trout produce on hook up. This Trout was another jack and came straight at me. Instead of going on the open side of me he decided to keep in close to the blackberry and squeeze past . There were a few anxious moments and then it plowed downstream. As it came up hard on the reel a loop went in behind the reel seat and locked up. With a very girly scream I took off downstream trying franticly, (can’t stress that enough) to undo the coil wrap. The force of the water was REALLY strong and I decided against following it downstream as I would surly have gone for a swim and that didn’t appeal today. I battled it back upstream for four or five minutes really giving the Ten pound Fluro and my knots a good testing. I couldn’t land it on the bank and had to use my net, just as I put myself at full arm stretch and rod arm back, the Glowie pulled, trace and all went straight into the biggest ugliest bush of blackberry ever grown. It was getting dark and I knew I was in deep manure for staying out too long so I drove home. God I love fishing!!

Heaps of fish everwhere, Winter has finally got off it’s arse and arrived.

Regards Shane