Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 5th of November 2008

Shane French /

November 5, 2008

Hey All

dscf4265.JPGJust to update you on what is happening at the lodge and this is the short version. We are moving house at the moment and the new managers will hopefully be in sometime next week. Our time at the lodge has been an interesting one and both Lesley and I would like to say a VERY big thank you to all those anglers out there, who have supported us over the years. There are so many of you it would be a long list to write down but you know who you are, PLEASE stay in touch via this web site. It has been a growing period emotionally and we walk away with our heads high!

We are moving into the Taupo center and I will guide from there as well as working part time. The web site will keep going this I promise!

dscf4269.JPGAs you can see by this picture the SW wind was blowing strong today. Everytime I drove over the bridge to take more stuff to the new house, I twitched. Apart from one or two locals at the bridge there were NO cars in either of the parks. Finally I could stand it no more and had to shoot out in my lunch break!

dscn1427.JPGFirst cast and I landed the silver Hen that went just under four pounds. This was by far the best fight I have had all season. It didn’t show itself for about five minutes and when I did see it I was a little dissapointed at the size, I thought it should have been bigger! It took the Red Bodied Smoots Bloody marie I had on, over the glo bug. Chunky little thing that it is.

I pulled the Jack out further up the river and dropped another bigger fish in the same hole. All up I landed five nice fish for the hour I was on there. I never saw another fisherman!!

We now have 113 forum members signed up on the web site. Please guys have your say on anything that interests you. We try not to bite!

Also thanks for all those who have purchased the sliding indicators, they are selling like hot cakes.

Take care out there

Regards Shane