Lake taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 5th Of October 2007

Shane French /

October 5, 2007

Hey All

Middle pools Waitahanui riverI had a client today who wanted to Wet Line the Tongariro. I was excited about this guide as I love teaching or showing my wet lining technique on the Tongariro. I was a bit worried this morning when i saw that the Tauranga Taupo had peaked at .800 cu mecs. Once at the Tongariro you could see that spme rain had fallen and the river was up and flowing fast, it was still fishable though. We tried below the bridge to start with and only managed one strike. from there we drove up to the town pools where we pretty much got skunked. The water was big and casting became an issue. We are going back next week when the water is behaving!

Just up from Little CliffThis afternoon I walked the lower and middle Waitahanui River. I picked up two BAD fish in the lower section and spooked another 9 or 10. The water is looking great, the rain we had, flushed out some of the pools and are now running deep and clean.

Totara Bridge and PoolI was disappointed with the middle pools, I thought they may have held some Trout but NO. I put in a few casts through this section as well. One thing that I will say, is that it was just a pleasure to be in the middle pools. More often than not you will have this section all to yourself. The pools and runs are fantastic. A few more fish would have been nice! In my opinion the Waitahanui River has had a terrible year , but then all rivers have off seasons.

Take care