Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 5th of October 2008

Shane French /

October 5, 2008

Hey All,

I have had a very busy 4 days guiding on the both the Taupo rivers and one of my back country streams. It has been either feast or famine this season with guiding and when it comes you can’t turn it down!

dscf2417.JPGThe Waitahanui has had a few runs go through but the fish have not been in large numbers and the quality is marginal. About one in ten is a good fish. The others are small and have even been a little skinny at times as well. The school holidays have meant most Taupo rivers have had a little more pressure, the Waitahanui is a good example, heaps of anglers on here over the past week.

dscf4123.JPGI guided these five guys yesterday on the Mohaka, a logistic nightmare at times but they were very careful on the slippery rocks and we had a great day out. The Mohaka was up a little in volume and so we had to find the quiet water for them to have a play in. We pulled a heap of these little fellows out but also dropped two very good fish as well. That is the thing with the Mohaka you just never know when that Four pound plus smoker is going to come along and smash your nymphs. The problem that we faced yesterday was the wind, at times it was gale force and made casting impossible. This is a great river and as you can spin on there it is a great choice to introduce your little ones to the art of trout fishing. Nothing gets a kids attention than slowly winding in a veltech and having it smashed by a strong rainbow in the 1 pound range. Heaps of access points on this river as well.

dscf2176.JPGI got growled at by my Mum re the Video of me going for a swim!!

dscf2075.JPGI wore the Aqua stealth boots for the first time yesterday and I am NOT impressed with them in any way. They have NO grip on slippery rocks and it was dangerous to the point where I almost twisted my ankle. I am going to purchase some tungsten cleats to screw in and I will see what they are like after that.

dscf2401.JPGTake care out there and be safe on the water

Regards Shane