Lake Taupo trout fishing report For The 6th of August 2007

Shane French /

August 6, 2007

Hey All,

I fished with Jill, a lady angler this morning. We hit the Hinemaiaia nice and early and was pleasantly surprised not to see lots of cars in the parking area. The water is still up somewhat and looked perfect. We spent a bit of time working the lower pools and were rewarded with a few fresh trout. None of them were anything special so we let them go. The weather started to close in around 10.30 and so we decided to do another day on Thursday. As it turned out all the bad weather we were supposed to get, didn’t quite make it. All the rivers are in excellent condition, High and slightly colored.

There are some nice fish being taken in all the rivers at the moment. It is encouraging to see and I hope it keeps up, I had almost forgotten the heavy weight of a good Winter run Taupo Trout. Get here if you can!!

Take care.

Regards Shane