Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 6th Of November 2007

Shane French /

November 6, 2007

Hey all,

Brendon in middle poolsI fished the Waitahanui today with Brendon. We started from the bridge pool and worked our way up to Gordon Williams in the upper reaches. The water colour was perfect after all the rain in the headwaters. Fish were non existent in the lower pools with no hookups or touches. Brendon Hooked a fish in the middle pools and also landed one more, further up. It is amazing how much water there is to fish in the Waitahanui if you just walk and poke your head in all the little nooks and crannies.

More Wet Lining waterBy this stage I was changing leader length, weight and flies quite regularly in order to hook into a fish, Brendon was starting to rub it in and I couldn’t have that! We had some lunch at flat bridge, sitting on the wooden seat overlooking the river. Man was it peaceful. I picked one up in “Snag” but that was it. Gordon Williams has changed so much this season it is amazing. Shallow at the back now but with a very deep drop off that flows into a much shorter pool. It looks great, the fish will be able to sit in a mixture of places and water within it.

A sweet runWe got onto a small group of Trout on the way back down and landed three more but overall the day was very hard going. There are not many fish in the Waitahanui at the moment which is strange considering the water conditions were perfect, we even had some wind come in last night as well. As I have said before the Waitahanui has not fished well this season. What was great was the company I was in, the still overcast day that we fished in and the fact we only saw one other angler all day on the Waitahanui.

Can you tell me what type of Moth this is.I found this little chap on the stones outside next to a big puddle yesterday morning. He looked cold and wet and would not let go of the small twig he was on. I bought him, or her,(I didn’t look) inside and dried it off. It flew away later in the day. Can anybody tell me what it is please? Cute as hell, check out the Mustache it has!! Nature is way cool at times.

Great news about the Didymo scare. Freezing my boots as I write!

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