Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 6th of September 2008

Shane French /

September 6, 2008

Hey All,

This is a very up to date report on the rivers as I have just spoken to all the guests staying at the lodge, and they are all good fisherman.

dscf3469.JPGThe Tongariro is hard going. John from Auckland spent the whole day on there yesterday for one fish hooked up. I know this guy can fish too!! Other anglers today reported very hard going on there. I can not impress upon you enough, if you are not getting fish on the Tongariro then move guys. This is once you have lengthened your leader changed Nymphs half a dozen times and added weight to get down. Fish all the available water to you as well. More than often I watch an angler walk up to a pool and fish the main lie but not fish water around that. Remember if you are the second, third or fourth person through that water the fish may have moved off to the side, or be lieing up in different water just to get away from the disturbance.

dscf3505.JPGThere are fish in the Tauranga Taupo, but pressure was high today. Some of these little fatties are just on the 45 cm mark so take a measure with you if you are taking fish for the pot. The TT is in awesome nick. I guided on here Friday and we dropped a honey of a trout in the middle reaches, good to see.

dscf3807.JPGThe Hinemaiaia has a few trout going through as well and is well worth an explore first thing. Watch out for Didymo Dave as he is on the War Path!!!!

dscf3816.JPGThe Waitahanui: Oh man what is up with this river, the fish are SCREAMING through guys. Part of the problem here I think is that the fish are moving so fast everybody thinks it is empty all the time. Get onto them and you will have a blast. The Smoots Bloody Marie from feather merchants should be working on here by now, have that on plus a Glo bug and you will pick up fish. The Rip is getting a pounding and so fish must be around, and if they around they will be going up!!

I hope to have some good video footage coming this week as Paul, Chris and I are going out for the day on Monday.

Regards Shane