Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 7th Of January 2008

Shane French /

January 7, 2008

Hey all,

dscf2363.JPGI have fished the Taupo Rips over the past couple of nights, starting at about 8.00pm and going through til 12.00pm. There is a good bite time twenty minutes after dark and then the odd fish coming out on a regular basis. Good fish have been taken from the Waitahanui rip in the slack water down from the main flow. I managed a 6.5 pound Brownie two nights ago and lost another straight after. Last night I landed an eel of a Brown but also took home a great little hen of about 4 pounds. Black fly with a little purple Flash in the tail did it for me.

dscf2378.JPGI also fished the Hinemaiaia rip last night up until 10.45 pm. There were regular hook ups on Rainbows but no browns last night. There was excellent flow coming out yesterday from this rip and it looked good. I recommend checking out any rip during the day before you step into it, try to suss out the deep water before it is dark. Booby Flies work well in the Hinemaiaia rip, as do Green Woolly buggers during the day, again some purple flash in the tail does wonders. When the flow is strong a Intermediate line is excellent as it gets you well below the surface without hooking up on the rocks. I have a good friend, (yes I do) who has great success with a clear intermediate in this rip during the day, he can get away with a very short trace as well because of it.

We are due for a little of the wet stuff over the next few days and it will be interesting to see what it does to the rivers, with more flow the rips may produce a little better as well.