Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 7th Of March 2009

Shane French /

March 9, 2009

Hey All,

Early morning on the Waitahanui

Early morning on the Waitahanui

Good grief Ross is still dribbling on about The Tongariro and how marvelous it is. I have to say it is a great piece of water but I don’t see the NZ fishery being the Tongariro. I see the New Zealand fishery being the whole of New Zealand, and it all has its wonders. Anyway Ross you should know by now, size doesn’t matter!

I had an awesome day on the water today. I started on the Tongariro but felt like I needed something more challenging, so stopped in on the Tauranga Taupo for a quick look. Heaps of small fish in here at the moment and my “”soon to be pool of the season””, is looking even better after the last high water. We picked up 5 smallish fish in here and then we packed up and moved to the Waitahanui.

There has been a good cold blow from the South and from the West over the past 24 hours and I thought there may be a few fresh run trout in there. Yip there were!! Heaps!!!! These bad boys are moving through very quickly though. I saw one of the biggest Hen Rainbows I have ever seen in the Waitahanui being at least 3 feet long, silver with very red gills and markings. I am calling it a Hen due to its more torpedo shape instead of having a big hump on its back like a Jack. We fished to this for about 45 minutes going through everything in the box, and in combinations. Awesome trout!! There are still plenty of Browns in there too but some of these look a little on the old side now. The killer fly was the size 16 Quasimodo by Feather Merchants. This really has been the stand out fly for me this season, it is a great Nymph to have in your box throughout the year.

Have fun out there and watch out for Ross walking Booofffyyyy. (teach you to miss spell my Waitahanui for over two years you heathen).