Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 7th of October 2008

Shane French /

October 7, 2008

Hey All,

Great couple of days on the water, the weather has pushed some good numbers of Trout into the Waitahanui and I am sure the other rivers will be the same once the levels drop. I shot over to the Hinemaiaia yesterday afternoon but it was too high and coloured so came back to the Waitahanui. Steven and myself pulled a few good fish from the lower pools, some of these were in good condition, others not so great.

dscf4124.JPGThis morning I was up early and did the cliff pool area for zero Trout and so moved up into the upper pools. The anglers up there were having a blast with this old bugger cleaning up everywhere! Last time I guide Mr Martin, the pupil has become the teacher. I basically sucked big time and lost seven sets of gear plus two good fish, I was not meant to be on the river this morning apparently. I did go back out with my son Steven this afternoon and we had a blast. I dropped a honey of a fish in Washerwomans that would have been a solid 4.5 pounds. This torpedo came straight at me, twice and I lost it just as I pulled the net out. Steven has made up a video of some of the action over the past two days so click on that button for viewing.

dpp_0005.JPGHere is a pic of “Brendon I was a fish in my last life Mathews” with a couple of “whoppers”. God man could you not catch anything bigger!!! The Rainbow was 13.5 pounds Gutted. Good to see the old boy is still able to do damage to the trout population, bastard!!!

The TT and the Hine are unfishable at the moment and the Tongariro is marginal so it looks like everyone is going to fish the Nui again, you’ll have to beat me in there tomorrow guys, so be up early!!!!

Regards Shane