Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report for The 7th of September 2007

Shane French /

September 7, 2007

Hey all,

dscf1552.JPGI don’t envy any poor sole who comes down with the bug I have just had, unless they want to loose heaps of weight and suffer in the process. I’m sure Ross must be out there doing naked voodoo dances and sacrificing Lots of Tongariro slabs in order to upset my Chi,” it worked Ross.”

From all accounts fishing is a little tough at the time of writing this. The best river to be on, and I hate to have to report it, is the Tongariro. It has good numbers of fish in the middle pools and although those little Hens are still in there, reports in show a number of nice Jacks as well. Hey it can’t always be bad!! I see in my fishing diary that this time last year White Caddis did well on this river, so it may pay to have some of these in your box.

The Tauranga Taupo peaked the other day at .500 but has dropped back down to .375 again. It fished well on the day after the rain but has become quite hard again I believe. Not too many reports in from this river. I bought some COOL looking Nymphs from UK Flies on line the other day and can’t wait to get on there in the low conditions and try them out.

The Hinemaiaia fished well yesterday but poorly today. With such a short stretch of water to fish, if they are not in there in numbers it can be hard going. Small Hair and Coppers can work well from now on in the Hinemaiaia as well.

A beautiful Day at Taupo, Waitahanui Lodge lakefrontWe have had a Easterly blowing for the past couple of days and I believe it kills the Waitahanui like no other wind. The total opposite of a Westerly! There is a group of wet liners having their annual fishing competition on this river at the moment and they are finding the going TOUGH. It is low and clear and the fish seem spooky.

The long range weather forecast shows rain and wind on the way up from the South. It should get here by Saturday night.

Take care out there

Regards Shane