Lake Taupo Trout Fishing report For The 9th of August 2007

Shane French /

August 9, 2007

Hey all,

They are getting biggerWinter has really made itself felt over the past month and because of this fact the fish are now running in all the Taupo Rivers. I noticed this morning just before I went out with a client staying with us, that the Lake level has come up, this accompanied with the extra flow in all the rivers has certainly helped the season fire up.

Shy Jill I had taken Jill out earlier in the week and we decided to split the full day into two half days, today being the second day. We decided to shoot over to the Hinemaiaia and then maybe go further South after that. The Hinemaiaia had 7 cars down from the bridge so we carried on down the road!! The Tauranga Taupo was our next stop and we fished all the water close to the car park. Why more people don’t make use of this water I have no idea. We picked up 5 good fish in short time and then decided to come back to the Waitahanui. Jill was fishing really well, had good line control and was water loading like an expert. We picked up this excellent Hen on our second cast, Jill landed all her Trout today although there were a few anxious moments for the guide!! I wasn’t aloud to put her photo on the web site so hence the cropping.

This afternoon I had another Half day booking with two farmers from further South. Neither had picked up a fly rod before but took to it like a duck to water. In the 4 hours that we were on the water we landed one out of the seven fish hooked. three of these fish were BIG, one over 6.5 pounds that smoked Bevan like a smoking thing that smoked!! This fish tore off up the River porpoising out of the water as he went. Bevan who was having line torn from his reel said, “what do I do now,” I think my professional reply of “prey”was not appreciated. We couldn’t wade up any further and so to much pressure was applied and off it popped. Good fun anyway.


Heaps of fish everywhere, get here to enjoy.

Regards Shane