Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 9th of December 2008

Shane French /

December 9, 2008

Hey All,

I have been lucky enough to take out an amazing character over the past few days from the Kylie Minogue tour. Awesome character and not a bad fisherman either.

dscf3507.JPGOn Saturday afternoon we fished the upper Hinemaiaia going in at the Water supply and working a good way upstream well into the upper pools and onto twilight. This was a very hard day on the water! I had only fished the Hine two days before and done very well, this time it seemed the river was devoid of trout. Never the less it was totally enjoyable and it ironed out the creases from Al’s casting. We had a quick look at the river mouth just on change of light but there was NO flow at all and so packed it in for the day.

I had Al staying at the Lake, this is on Mere Road and is classed as a Retro Motel. It is excellent!!!

dscf0088.JPGSunday saw us up early and heading away from Taupo into the hills for some back country stuff. We fished a typical rig using my sliding indicator, a hot wired prince in size 12 as the dropper and played around with the point fly until we found what the trout were after. In this case it was the Quasimodo flash back in size 16. As soon as I tied one of these puppies on we were into fish and some nice trout at that. Al was blown away with the power of these fast water trout. We had the entire river to ourselves, never seeing another angler and landed 7 good hard fighting trout up to 4 pounds.

dscf0098.JPGAs I mentioned in my last report some of these rivers are fearing better than others food wise and the one we choose to fish on Sunday was one of these. The insect life on the water was astounding and all the fish were fat, chunky little missiles. This is going to be an outstanding fishery this season, I can’t wait to get in there with the dry fly after Christmas.

Back in Taupo……..

dscf3379.JPGI heard an honest report from a friend that the Waitahanui rip went off a few days ago and some good fish came out. A few spent fish were also around but hey they all tug the line!! There was a big Brown just up past the bridge pool on the Waitahanui river as well that I was told to go and have a look at.

dscf0015.JPGI haven’t heard anything about the Tauranga Taupo for a while and have not fished it myself but I may venture in there tomorrow morning for a quick look see. I STILL have Nate’s 5# Axiom and I wanted to have a throw with it in there before I reluctantly give it back to him.

dscf1142.JPGThe Tongariro has fished quite well but then if you strike it on a hard day it is like any other river and you might get a skunking. Old Andrew Christmas is a good bet on this piece of water if you want to learn it’s secrets and talking to him yesterday he has had some good days on there recently, even with the dry fly.

As I mentioned before there will be some big Browns mooching around the river mouths soon and these are great fun to target.

Take care out on the water

Regards Shane