Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 9th Of June 2008

Shane French /

June 9, 2008

Hey all

Nice Hen from the WaitahanuiA mixed bag of reports in at the moment and as I have only been fishing the Waitahanui myself I can’t really vouch too much for these. I was shown a lovely Jack taken from the Hinemaiaia on Thursday morning that would have gone seven pounds. This angler showed me this awesome fish as I was stepping out of the Waitahanui rip. I had been in there since 5.00am in conditions less than -1deg. I didn’t get a single touch!!!! I would have gone into the river, but my toes I was sure had fallen off and I needed to warm up fast. I fished the Waitahanui on Friday afternoon where I picked up a good Jack just up from the fence pool and dropped another at Little cliff, but that was it. Saturday I shot back in there and did a few of the lower pools and then drove up to Blake Road and fished up to Gordon Williams. I landed this nice hen at the cliff Pool, it was a little thin in the tail but put up a fantastic fight, making me put heaps of side strain on it as it attempted to plow into the undergrowth along the banks. The upper pools held a few fish as well but most of these were spawning fish and so I left them to it. I dropped two in a row from Snag ,(hate that) one of which was a very solid rainbow that jarred my wrist when I struck! Gordon Williams is holding fish but they are hard to get at and were not interested at all in what I threw at them.

We have had a rough weekend like all of New Zealand weather wise ending with a good blow last night that had me worried about the roof! Once I have done all my chores around the place I will do the whole of the Waitahanui very quickly to see what has come in over the weekend. If anyone is interested in learning the Waitahanui I am happy to do this guide with them, I move fast and it is only for experienced anglers who do not need constant tuition.While I am on the the subject of guiding…….

The petrol prices I believe are killing this country, State Highway one, outside my shop is deserted at times. People are not traveling unless they need to and it has now become a major issue for small business around New Zealand, it is about to go up again too! Because of this I am going to drop my half day guiding price and hopefully make it possible for most anglers to get out there and enjoy this wonderful sport. Hopefully it will help me save my own business at the same time.Sorry for the doom and gloom there guys but facts are facts and at the moment I am seeing some terrible times ahead for New Zealand. Lesley, (the brains behind the guiding) will put up some specials on this web site later today, the half day price will go untill the end of September. I hope some of you make the most out of this deal.

Take care out there.