Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 9th Of October 2010

Shane French /

October 9, 2010

Hey all,

Man it was great to see the sun for a few days there, almost felt like summer was around the corner, that was until today, back to winter, cold, wind, rain and apparently snow on the desert road!!!

I have been a sponsor of the Kinlock Fishing tournament for the past 4 years, I give a full day on thew water as a spot prize and always enjoy taking out the winners. They are always boaties and we all know they need all the help they can get :)  This year I decided to enter it as a land based fly fishing angler along with my good friend Paul. This meant we could fish any of the Rips scattered around the Taupo lake shore front. I spent about ten years purely fishing the rips in Taupo and believe it is one of the best “”Strings to your fishing bow”” you can have. The Rips have always been known for their big fish, mooching around after dark with the change of light being “”Magic”” at times. I have had some epic battles over the years and landed some awesome trout in the process, last night it all came together!

I had landed a good 4 pounder earlier in the day, weighed it in, gone home had tea and then met Paul at around 9.00 pm for our night assault. The plan was to head South and then work our way back towards the Waitahanui, hopefully landing trout from most of the places. The breeze had come up a fraction and we were getting frustrated by being slapped in the nuts by the waves. last stop was the Waitahanui. As I have reported in past blogs, this rip has changed dramatically. The way it has shaped, most of the current is streaming out and down towards Taupo. The vast majority of anglers stay in the main current waiting for the trout to move up to them. This is fine if they are moving, however I like to start right down the end of the beach and work back up towards the head of the rip. There are generally pockets of trout scattered throughout its length! The area right down the end is called Dirty Duck Creek and is one of the first places smelt turn up in October/November. Any trout returning to the lake after a hard season shagging will drift down there feeding on these little morsels. This is where we started.

I was using a small black booby and a fast sinking line. Paul was busy drinking coffee and so I stood on the lake edge and threw out about forty feet of line, let it sink for a full minute and then used a small stripping action I have found effective with this sort of lure. Three strips in and the line came up hard on something. I raised the rod, not in a strike but more to free whatever I had become stuck on, with that the rod gave an almighty twitch in my hand and I realized I was into a trout. All the line I had retrieved was taken out in a  blazing run, as well as another twenty feet. I use the Kilwel SAS 8# for all my rip fishing and this came into its own from here on in. I put the breaks on whatever was thrashing around out there in the darkness and slowly gained line on the reel. Paul by this stage had wandered down and was giving me advice on landing a big fish. For the next twenty minutes we went back and forth until finally I was ready to beach it. I use a technique where I wind in and down onto the trout, turn sideways and glide it up onto the sand. The only problem is this trout had extra bulk to it and didn’t want to be landed. By this stage we knew it was a good size and I started to get a bit twitchy on how much pressure to apply. Paul turned on his head lamp and we got our first look at it. Trout always look bigger in the dark but this was monstrous.I got a toe under its stomach and gently flicked it onto the beach. “”Bloody hell”” and other things were said for the next few seconds as we gazed at a true 9 pound jack. I was wondering whether or not I should take it or release it when Paul smacked it on the head with his priest, Oh well that dilemma was taken care of!!

We weighed it into the comp headquarters this afternoon and are leading by 1.78 KG. There have been some good trout landed this weekend. It seems Taupo has bounced back and I am sure next season will be even better.

Regards Shane

Just a quick update, I am now the proud owner of a Yamaha 4stroke 4Hp Motor + a whole heap of other cool stuff. My trout took out best overall trout of the competition :)