Lake Taupo Trout Fishing report For The 9th Of September 2007

Shane French /

September 9, 2007

Hey all,

The River to be on by the sound of it was the Tongariro. Most anglers fishing the lower section this morning were reported to have hooked up. Fish were a little average but then there were the odd nice one about as well.

It seems all the rips are producing trout, as well at the moment. I have now had three or four good reports in from different rips in the district. Some good fish have come out as well.

The Waitahanui River struggled over the weekend due to the easterly that blew in, crap wind that one for running trout. With any luck the wind will spin to the South and the rain we are supposed to get, will arrive.

Taupofishing would like to wish Alan from Auckland a “big get well fast”. Alan decided a while ago he could fly, off his deck and seriously dislocated his shoulder. Get well man those trout are waiting for you.

Regards Shane