Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For lake Taupo, The Taupo Rivers and back Country Scene For The 03/02/2014

Shane French /

February 3, 2014


Hey All.

We finally had a break in the weather with the last few days being picture perfect, light winds and plenty of Sun. The Cicadas are chirping like mad and things are heating up. So they should its bloody February! In so saying last Friday was horrible where I was fishing but I’ll complain about that in a minute.

Last Tuesday I guided on the upper Tongariro by Raft. If I am ever going to raft the uppers then I chose to go with NZ Rafting, they are a great bunch of experienced rafters and know the river well. This guide had been organized for me, all I had to do was pick up my two clients and turn up at the rafting Headquarters in Turangi. Everything had been paid for by the agent who organized it. Both my clients were experienced fly fisherman so it was just going to be looking after their safety, tying on flies when needed and maybe one or two little hints. We started off with the Blue Raptor in #12 for the dropper, (3.8 Ml Tungsten) and a Black Bodied Winged Reaper for the point fly. I had been informed the top half of the beat was the best and so that is where we concentrated for most of the day. On average we pulled three fish out of every piece of water we fished and they soon lost count of the number hooked up on. The Blue Raptor was taking fish everywhere from the head of the pools through to the tail so I very quickly had them fishing the Blue unweighted Raptor. What a killer nymph! It was great day and I fully recommend this trip for those who may not be able to hike it over distance, to get into secluded water. Rafting is a great option. Just remember to look at NZ Rafting. I believe they also do a brilliant one day, two river trip onto the Kaituna and  Wairoa Rivers, to raft the grade 5’s. Check them out.

IMG_4113On Thursday Alex and I shot off to a wilderness river that we fished early in the season. At that time we were stopped by rock walls. There was no way up and around so we headed back. However the plan was to go back, swim across the 40 feet of quiet river, get to the other side and fish up through the gorge. So we concocted a plan and executed it Thursday. We made camp at about 7.30 at night had a good sleep and were up by six. We made the swim point by 8.30 and did the prep on getting across. I had ropes tied to me and I swam across to the other side. All our day gear was in tied up rubbish bags. Alex attached his end to the packs and I dragged them across. Twenty minutes later we were set up and ready to fish in water that we were pretty sure not too many had fished. The water was fantastic but the wind was up and the day was anything but a summers day. In fact it was damn cold. We certainly got this one wrong as the gorge we were in was full of areas we had to swim. The water was slow flowing for the most part but it was deep!! We did three swims in total that day or six by the time we got back to the first one. Although the water was not to cold, the wind was hideous and we were both fairly cold. I pulled seven for the day and we probably should have had video footage but the Camera spent a fair amount of time wrapped up and away from the water. Alex picked up the best trout of the day, being just over six pounds. He was lucky with that as it was his only fish for the day and for the amount of energy and effort he poured into it, if he hadn’t of caught a trout his toys would have been thrown :) Once again for me the Blue Raptor was the fish taker and I tried a few different colours as well. This nymph has taken trout in all the water I have fished so far this season.

Matt from Rod and Tackle is now stocking my Black Bodied Tungsten Reapers. Thank you Matt.

IMG_4153So this morning I was rung by Aussie Chris who is over here from the West island and staying in Hatepe. He quite often likes to wander the lake shore targeting smelting trout at this time of year. I jumped at the opportunity to have a go at this and we enjoyed a few hours of solitude walking towards the white cliffs. Fish number were not high and for that matter the Hine Rip is quiet too, however he did manage to hook up onto a big old Brown that smoked him!! What a great back drop the lake was this morning. Probably the only downer was me snapping my 5# Innovation. This has been a fantastic rod for me and I will miss it however it is time to upgrade, certainly now it is a five piece!

Take care out there

Regards Shane