Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For September 28th 2017

Shane French /

September 28, 2017



Hey all.

September has been one of the wettest on record for Taupo. If you go to the Tauranga Taupo River Level chart and click this month you can see that it has spent the entire month, (apart from the first 6 days) above .6 In all the time I have been monitoring this site I have never seen this. For me the 2017 season will be remembered for high water.


The fishing has continued to be excellent and when the rivers have been fishable, the fishing really has been top notch. The condition of the trout has really stayed above average and I have had numerous reports of 5 and 6 pound trout being taken from all the rivers. I have been asked many times what the new increase in the limit will do to the fishery and in all seriousness, it can only increase the average size of trout coming out of Taupo. It will in the future reduce the numbers though.


The Waitahanui has had a pretty good season. The trout have moved through pretty fast. I fished last Monday and had a blast then went back in on Thursday and the lower and middle sections were pretty empty. I caught up with them around the middle of the upper section but they had their mouths shut pretty tight. man the paths up there are boggy. I guess with the extra foot traffic due to the other rivers being unfishable, it is getting trodden on and mashed up. Even the good old Nui has seen its fair share of colored up water this season and is as high as I have seen it, (consistently).


The Hinemaiaia has slowed down and is not getting the pressure it has had. This river once again fired for the 2017 season, how long this will go on for is a total mystery for me. I thought it would have suffered from all the attention, years ago. My money is still on that one. Good to see one or two anglers slowing down on fishing this system over the 2017 season, due to the same feelings. There are other rivers in the Taupo region.


I had a great season on the Tauranga Taupo. I started going in there late in the afternoon and fishing from the power lines up to the Rock Wall. I always picked up trout and some stunners too. I had a great season selling my Glo Bugs as anglers realized they were essential to have in their Fly Box. The TT trout love these. This river is far from over as I have had my best fishing on the TT in October, with some really good runs coming through.


I haven’t fished the Tongariro at all through Winter. My knee just couldn’t deal with those rocks and I have been hard at work getting it strong for the coming summer back Country stuff. However I follow the Turangi reports from both Ross at TRM and the Sports shops. The Tongariro¬† has had a great season like all the Taupo rivers. It has come up in volume just like the Tauranga Taupo but it drops so much faster and when it has become fishable, it has had some wonderful trout in there. Lots of silver 4 to 6 pound trout have come out of the mighty Tongariro this season. I get asked a fair bit about accommodation in Turangi and with all my heart I have to say TRM, Ross and Pip are the place to stay. It’s not just the really warm well thought out units they have but also the local knowledge these guys are happy to part with, to make your stay as memorable as possible. The Tongariro fishes well all year with the Brown trout starting to show up around Christmas just as the winter runs fade out. Chasing the Browns is fishing at its best and should be on all anglers bucket list. This river really never stops producing Rainbows as they stick around to feed on the huge presence of aquatic life and Cicadas that make up the food chain over summer. The angling pressure is a wee bit lighter over summer as well :)


The back Country season is about to kick off in Three days time. Once again anglers are going to struggle for water due to the rain we have had over the past week. My plans have changed three times so far and I am now looking at getting into the top end of a small trib to get away from all the run off we have. The Nymphs I use back Country are totally different to the Taupo Nymphs but they have been tried and tested well and truly. I stand by these fully. They take trout in every river I fish. I have put together a package deal here for the month of October, these are greatly reduced just for this month. Check them out on my website shop.

Tight lines all, be safe on the water.

Regards Shane