Lake Taupo trout Fishing Reports For The 05th Of March 2008

Shane French /

March 5, 2008

Hey all,

dscf2700.JPGThe American guys I guided a few days ago came back last night and wanted another go at the New Zealand Trout We planed to go out early this morning but after a phone call made it a little later due to the heavy rain in Taupo, (thank god).

Trout landed on the TTWe did two rivers today, the Hinemaiaia where we hooked two very good fish, dropping them both and then the Tauranga Taupo. The TTÂ climbed to .045 while we were there and might fish better tomorrow. We managed to land two decent Rainbows of just under 4 pounds keeping the very silver second one which is in the smoker now. There is an over abundance of small fish in this river!!! I have noticed the condition so far this season has been NOT bad so far. A long way to go yet but by this time last year I was bitching like anything.

We have a very strong South westerly thumping in at the moment and might blow something into the Waitahanui over night. The TT river mouth might be a go tonight as well after dark.

Line holderI should have put this little gem of a fishing tool on ages ago, i did mention it but did nothing else. It is a line tidy system. i have been using this for well over two months now and can tell you it is fantastic. All those little pieces of line that you just feel SOOOOO bad about dropping into the environment wrap around the YO YO shaped wheel and are kept well out of place while fishing. When you get home just pop the O ring off and dispose of the line in the rubbish bin. It is bloody fantastic and I will never be without one again. Makes me feel all righteous!! If you are serious about the environment, (and we all should be)Â then buy one.

Pan Fried Trout with Paw Paw SalsaI used the Brown trout i caught the other night for this recipe, it is on the recipe page. Pan fried trout with Paw Paw, chili and lime Salsa. Give it a go!!

Tight lines out there

Regards Shane