Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Reports For The 05th Of October 2009

Shane French /

October 5, 2009


Hey All,

Well if the trout were ever going to run they would be doing it this week.

pa030017Reports in had the Tongariro fishing VERY hard, considering the best runs were still to come!! Definitely less trout around this season on all the rivers, however I feel that the Tongariro had this the worst of them all. How many times has the River above the bridge seemed empty of running trout? Hence the Bridge pool and below have been flogged silly. A friend fished it on Saturday and got two smallish fish in the bottom section and was skunked in the upper pools. Hopefully the cold weather we are having now will push a decent run of trout through.

No reports in from the Tauranga Taupo although I did hear someone counted over 21 cars in the car park on Saturday, Yuck!!!

The Hinemaiaia is fishing steady according to my spys! Not big trout at the moment but certainly worth the effort. It should have fished well today (Monday) as apparently it was up and slightly coloured. Still use glo bugs on this small stretch of water!

The Waitahanui has some good trout in there at the moment, unfortunately I heard another vehicle got busted into, in the upper reaches. Bugger!!! Hope they catch this dweeb and things can settle down again. In the mean time try the middle section for some different water.

I am now making my indicators at Fishing and Hunting, so if you need a new one they will be available from now on.

I hope some of you have been able to get out onto some backcountry water in between all the crap weather going on.

I believe lake O has fished brilliantly with some excellent quality trout coming out of both the lake and the canal’s, small Wolly Buggers doing well in the Lake and Glo Bugs in the Canal’s.

Take care out there