Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Reports For The 07th Of december 2007

Shane French /

December 7, 2007

Hey all,

Here is an account of a trip I did yesterday.

I am in the process of putting together a new guiding brochure and needed a good photo of a fish for the front cover, Thursday was the only day that I could get off and because of this I was pushing it for the brochure to be printed on time. I had chosen the river I wanted to fish and although I had not explored the section in full, I had a fairly good idea of the terrain and extraction options for if something went wrong, like rain! I also decided to take take Brendon Mathews along, he is fairly handy with a camera and a safe river man to boot.

The forecast was ” Shit “, with a capital S. Aarrgghhh, perfect weather for three weeks and the one day I NEED to catch a Trout we have the “Perfect Storm” brewing. By 4.00am Thursday morning, Brendon was frantically scanning the environmental Waikato web site for water level readings in the area. As the rain had not yet come in full force all of the rivers where low. We had options all the way through the beat we were fishing to get out, if the river rose quickly. I was interested how much water this river could handle before becoming unfishable, and was fairly sure this would be a good day to find out. We decided to go for it!

Nice 6 pound JackThe rain started to fall constantly just as we entered the river, it was at a perfect hight and colour. In the second pool we came to, I was fishing up to and around a submerged rock. On one of the drifts past the rock my indicator tore off sideways. I struck and was instantly aware of weight on the other end. With that a very good, nicely coloured Jack lept out of the water and tail walked ten feet downstream to where Brendon was. Man I love that initial hook up on back country trout, they are grumpy little things and really perform. It was a seesaw fight for the next ten minutes, he behaved by staying in the pool and gave some excellent screaming runs across the other side. Brendon had moved up and was ready with the net. I carefully explained to him how far away from civilization we were and that if he missed it in the net it would be a long walk out! I should not have worried as his netting skills are almost as good, (haha) as mine. He scooped it up perfectly and the day was on! This Jack went just on 6 pound, it took a nice little Black Nymph that I have been selling over the web site.

The rain was pelting down by this stage and although the river didn’t look heavier it certainly had more push to it, we kept a very well trained eye on it.

Fiesty little back country HenBrendon decided to fish a small run, bang smack in the middle of a large rocky area, it was the only fishable water for 150 meters. His first drift through was met by a crashing take and then a very demented run up and down the water. We both knew he had to get it under control fast and that I would be netting a trout that was not played out. Brendon gave me the command that he would real it in quickly and to be ready. He applied some serious pressure that defiantly should have brought the trout in, however it was met by one of the most aggressive runs of the day. This thing went ballistic, Brendon had no choice but to give more line, he had no control over the fight at this stage. It was only a matter of time before the trout went with the current downstream, (I’d just come from there, dammit). I made my way across the rocks trying my best to avoid serious injury and to the ever increasing cry’s of “net the bloody thing”. Thank God brendon was using boat rope for a leader and I manged to throw the net over it, (is that legal?) and trudge back up to him, panting and wet but with a smile from dial to dial!

Another beautyDid I mention the rain! By this time the water was up and coloured, we had got what we came for, had a ball in the process but needed to get out before it really became necessary. We chose our spot climbed out and had a great time walking back to the car. I love fishing in this sort of weather, it makes it feel very fishy. We found most of the trout to be in the fast water, Hair and coppers mixed with the little black Nymph really did the trick for me. I have put together a good rig to use back country, it is working wonders. I was in bed by 7.30 last night, I am getting soft!

If you are thinking of coming to Taupo this weekend bring some Winter Wollies, it is cold and wet.

Take care out there on the water, all Taupo rivers have extra flow.