Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Reports For The 12th of April 2008

Shane French /

April 12, 2008

Hey all

Stephen with the top prize last year!Opps I forgot to mention in my last report that the Waitahanui Lodge fishing comp is happening on the 17th and 18th of May. It is free to enter and there are some excellent prizes to be won, all my distributors get behind us on this. There is a trophy to be won as well for the heaviest fish taken. A barbecue and beer evening will be held on the Saturday and this is $20.00 per head, you must let us know if you plan to come to this. Entry forms can be collected at the shop or if you would like, get in touch via the web site and we will post one out to you. This has always been a successful event for us, with some excellent fishermen participating. Accommodation is available, if you are willing to share then the price will be reduced for you.

Well although all the rivers in the Taupo area are low and clear at the moment, it hasn’t stopped the trout from moving into them.

dscf3151.JPGI had a great afternoon on the Waitahanui early in the week with Paul from Wellington. He had been told to fish the Tongariro but decided to try the Waitahanui to stay away from the crowds. He had been warned by a few people in town that the Nui was devoid of Trout and so was a little skeptical about our chances, that was until he picked up a 5 pound Hen in the first pool we fished!! His smile will always be imprinted in my memory.

dscf3138.JPGIf you are going to fish this river and I fully recommend you do, make sure you have a good pair of Polaroid glasses and take your time through the water. The fish can be anywhere but always check behind snags and in the deeper water. At the moment I am doing very little blind fishing here and am spending all my time sight fishing for them. My standard rig is a small length of mono then down to 7 pound fluro going down to 5 pound fluro. My little black Nymph is still taking heaps of fish and I then play around with the point fly. Flash backs, Prince Nymphs, Hot wired prince, and of course little glo Bugs all doing the trick. Try to go small on the indicator as well guys!

imgp1294.JPGI fished the Hinemaiaia a few times this week as well. They are in there for sure but are low down in the system, you don’t have to go too high. I did fish up above the Cliff Pool yesterday with a friend for one decent freshy, but in general they were all small little fish up there. As I said on the home page this River can be kick started by frosts and we have had one or two of those over the past five mornings. Winter is just about here, (yippy).

The Rip has been a bit sporadic over the week, although I believe if you were there on Sunday night you had a blast!!

Friendly little eelThe Tauranga Taupo is a trickle, if you want to fish this water make sure you have good knee pads as crawling down to the water in Camo would be a good option. This piece of water is sure to fill up with Trout once the first bit of good rain gets here. Suck up until then though!!

imgp1324.JPGI got told by someone that the Tongariro was fishing hard the other day. I didn’t think that possible and so this morning I took some friends, (yes more friends) there to see for myself. We managed thirteen in four hours, two of them being great fish as well. There are heaps around the two pound mark that are JUST under the limit but still plenty of fun and you never know when that keeper is going to snatch your Nymph.

imgp1290.JPGI fished a back country river on Thursday as well. I had not been in here for a few months and wanted to see what the low water levels would do to the fishing. It seemed they had moved a good way downstream into deeper water and so the section I ventured into was a little bare.What was encouraging was the condition of these brutes. They have obviously had good hatches of insects with the warm weather and were fat and aggressive. We dropped a couple of VERY nice fish and managed to land a few as well. Craig landed a beautiful Brown Trout that spent the first minute of the fight out of the water leaping like a frog! It was a great day on the water, excellent company, brilliant weather and scenery that makes your jaw drop.

We are due for some rain this coming week, Monday, Tuesday it should be wet. Lets hope so as the lake is very low and all the streams need it too. have a look at the two photos below of the rock pile, this shows the difference in levels and also what has happened because of the water shortage.

Take care