Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Reports For The 13th of January 2008

Shane French /

January 13, 2008

Hey all,

Another pool with big Trout potentialI had a huge day yesterday on the Whanganui with two clients. We quad biked into a section that I scouted out a few weeks ago with a friend, this was the first time I had guided on it. It is very much like the upper Tauranga Taupo, so I have been told, being very bouldery with deep pools and fast runs. The last time I fished it the trout were of super size and dealt to me like I was an amature, (the bastards)!!!Small Brown Trout that took shelter after release

I wanted to give Ian and Michael a good day on the river and so when we dropped in I decided to fish a small beat downstream first and then work our way back upstream, thinking it would be a GOOD seven hours on the water. My mistake, due to the awesome availability of fantastic water we ended up being in the river for just over nine hours. My clients were fit anglers and so it wasn’t a problem but it made for a long day out.

Just under the average size of 4.5 pounds, but Feisty!!As I have said everytime I write about this river the fish are grumpy hard fighting Trout that test your skill to the very limit. Even the small little 1 pounders that we occasionally pick up, bend the rod and never come easily to the net. Anthing over 5 pounds, (and there are many) will quite often take you onto your backing as they scream off downstream.

Eels that show no fear!!There is a good mixture of Brown and Rainbow trout in this section and although I was a little disappointed this time with the size and condition of the fish we picked them up on a regular basis. We dropped a few good fish as well.

Dragonfly landing on Dragonfly river guideThe scenery and wildlife in here is to be seen to be believed. Breathtaking bush surrounds you at all times with Deer and goat tracks dotting the river banks in all the open spots. Eels glide into the shallows at times to inquire what you are doing and will quite happily take meat from a sandwich out of your fingers,(if you let them). I had two giant Dragonflys in the process of mating land on me yesterday. I separated them (yes I felt mean) and with the help of Ian took this photo. What a beautiful insect they are!

A bit thin but it played hard to getJohn from Taupo Quad Bikes looked after us as usual and on arriving back at the cars quickly burnt a CD for my clients of all the action from the quads. All in all it was a fantastic day that exceeded all expectations. Thank you Ian and Michael you were great company on the water.

Regards Shane