Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Reports For The 16th November 2007

Shane French /

November 16, 2007

Hey all,

Deep green pools on the WaitahanuiI have been fishing the Waitahanui over the past couple of days both with clients and with guests staying at the lodge. The water is in great condition with all the pools looking deep and green! Unfortunately there are few fish in the system. The sun has been shinning all week and this has meant we could walk the river and spot trout, this is excellent fun and due to the gin clear conditions on the Waitahanui, very easy. There is a heap of satisfaction casting to sighted fish and hooking them, (thank you Nick from Auckland).

Natural Indicators!!I love this time of year, the baby birdies are all out making noise, there is plenty of green foliage,(to hook up on) and it just feels nice to be on the water. The dreaded Glo Bugs have done all the damage on this river for me all week. I have had a Natural on at all times as well.

Skinny as hell fresh run HenQuality of the fish!!!!!! Well there are some healthy trout in there but there are still plenty of these. Come on DOC look at this FRESH RUNNING HEN it needs food badly. This has been out in the lake for ages getting ready to run the river and look at the condition. Sorry guys, lack of food!

YuckYesterday I fished from the lonely pool up to the Major Jones, awesome water through this section, (like all others on the Tongariro). We came across a few trout but this section was defiantly harder than the Braids ,the day before. I can’t get over how much water is accessible to the angler on the Tongariro. I truly understand why it is a world class fishery, it too has its uglies going through and we picked up plenty like this fellow here. Silver and fresh, skinny as a rake. We did see some very nice fish though and so if you want to sift through the slabs sooner or latter a nice one will turn up. I had run out of the size 16 Red Copper Johns and so tied on a red Bloody Marie in same size, wham almost straight away!

Still plenty of fishing to be had in all the Taupo rivers.

Regards Shane