lake Taupo Trout Fishing And River report For The 8th Of May 2013

Shane French /

May 8, 2013

DSCF1710Hey All,

I have waddled my way up a few of the rivers over the past week. Walking and strengthening my muscles around the knee is really important if I am going to move forward with this. I choose easy rivers with good tracks and rest it when I need to. Oh by the way I take my rod too, it would be rude not to!

The Waitahanui has had a great start to the season, with a steady trickle of trout moving in. I have had some Epic battles in the Nui over the week, with some massive trout. I was taken from the cliff pool, to just above Poi’s on Monday by the Hen in the picture. It would have pushed the 6 pound mark easily, but that’s because of the huge fat belly full of eggs. I am using my SAS 8#, with eight pound fluro as my main leader and tippet. At times I have needed every ounce of this punchy set up to stop a trout from going into a snag, down stream, or just in general going nuts. The word is out however and the Waitahanui is getting a bit of a thrashing. Yesterday there were 5 cars up Blake Road. I did the middle section and never saw a soul, so I shudder to think what the uppers were like.

DSCF1713I got told the Hinemaiaia  had some fish in there, so I had to have a look see. It was raining pretty hard and the river was coming up in colour and flow so I would not be surprised if it had a decent run. The Rip has been quiet at night however with only the odd fish taken, for many casts in between. I met a friend on the Hinemaiaia the other day and he gave me a beautiful Hen to smoke. He had just landed it. The quality of flesh is outstanding and it will be a very tasty fish to eat.

Its safe to say that I have caught a few trout so far this season and ALL of them have been healthy, not one slab or fish with a skinny tail. The start of the season has been the best for almost 6 years. I am really looking forward to the bigger runs.

Its my annual thanks to the DOC track cutters. That must be a hard job and they do a bloody good job of it. The Tauranga Taupo must be a nightmare at times so thanks guys!

DSCF1709Speaking of the Tauranga Taupo. I went back in there on Monday and managed, (just before it flooded out) to hook and land this amazing Brownie! I have never caught a Brown Trout in the TT, above the Bridge and so it was a very cool first. The fact it was in such beautiful condition and fought like something possessed made the experience that much better. I pretty much always have my camera slung around my neck,  so I did a very quick photo shoot, in which he behaved brilliantly, slipped the hook and slid him back into the river with a lecture of not being so gullible with Glo Bugs. As I say the river then became unfishable.

The Tongariro is a bit to bouldery and sore to walk on, so I can’t give a report on this one. However it came up in volume and so one can presume it will have fresh trout in there. I had to drop some Hairy Reapers off to Wayne from the Tongariro River Motel last Friday. I haven’t been in there for ages. As always they were hard at work making the place spick and span. Wayne has painted all the buildings and the place really looks a million bucks. These units are self contained and really enable you to look after yourself, saving money on eating out. The thing that always strikes me when I go inside is the feeling of good fishing vibes, they are ideal for the family or for guys needing good advice on the river and enjoying a the feel of a quality fishing batch. I fully recommend The Tongariro river motel for anglers wanting to stay in Turangi.

Anyway enough of being nice to Ross and Wayne.

DSCF1646Both Alex and I have been fishing the Taupo Rips at night. In short, they suck! Or we suck.. I don’t know when the trout are moving in but it isn’t while I’m there. We have had some pretty perfect conditions over the past week and between the two of us we have pulled 4 trout, three of those being small. The thing that cracks me up about Rip fishing is that they can come in at any second and if they stick around then the fishing is nothing short of mind blowing. However if they don’t come in then it can be a long night of casting for nothing. To be honest I love it for the tranquility as much as for the excitement of hitting a big trout. It was a clear night last night and the stars where brilliant to look at, We saw shooting stars and in general it was a very pleasant evening. A trout would have been nice however!

We have fine settled weather for the next week. The rivers will get harder to fish as the levels drop again. The Tongariro will be the place to be when this happens. The Red Bead Reaper is taking trout in all rivers. I am currently smoking a beautiful 6.5 pound jack for a client who took the trout on that nymph.

So tight lines to all and be safe on the water.