Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Trout Guide For The 15th Of August 2013

Shane French /

August 15, 2013


Hey all.

Suck to be a weather man, they really haven’t got it too right here in Taupo for the past couple of rain events. We had about 10 minutes of moderately heavy rain the other day and that was it. If you look at the lowest recorded level on the Tauranga Taupo rain gauge, it is recorded at 0.21 M on April 3 2000. Guess what we just beat that, getting down to 0.196 m  That is bloody low and in Winter too. We really need rain!

So I had a week off the Ambulances and did what I do best, fished my butt off.

IMG_1116The Waitahanui has had a steady trickle of trout going through for weeks now. Sometimes they move into the river in a group and at other times it is in two’s and threes. The point is they are in there. Early in the week I did the middle section. I had this all to myself and did quite well. Just fish the deep stuff blind guys. I used the Big Boys Bomb, (I must change that name), with a Glo Bug in tow. It was pretty much a 50/50 hit on both of them. The Bomb really works and I only use split shot in very deep water, now. Take your time through this section, it has lots of riffly stuff to poke around in and many times the trout will sit here. On Wednesday I fished the uppers. I got there at about 8.30 and had the river to myself all morning. I only came across other anglers on my way back. I did really well in here on Wednesday. I picked up Trout in all the water I fished. There are good numbers in the upper Nui. With that being said there are plenty hard out spawning and these will not be tempted by anything. I did really well with the Green Reaper on Wednesday.

IMG_1149Earlier in the week I fished the Hinemaiaia. This is super low and clear. The trout are spooky and if you are going to fish this Trib it may pay to get on early. As it was I did really well. This little Nymph that I have been playing around with for a couple of weeks really came into its own. I will put it on my shop under the name Red Beastie. There are some fresh Trout moving into the Hine and I ended up taking my limit with a mix of Jacks and Hens. I was stressing at the start of the season because I thought there were way fewer Jacks than there were Hens but that really hasn’t been the case, it is a pretty even mix to be honest. The Hinemaiaia has had a brilliant season.

IMG_1126The other rivers down to the Tongariro are all super low and although I am sure trout will be moving in, (they will have to be as they NEED to spawn) the low water conditions will be making the going tough. It can be a good time to suss the rivers out though as the snags become easy to spot. That way when you go back in high water levels you know where and where not to cast.

IMG_1139So this morning I got up early and shot down to the Tongariro. I fished below the Bridge to start with, picking up 4 nice little Hens about the 3.5 pound mark. They are fighting well above their weight and if you don’t let them have line after the hook up, they will bust you off. I dropped a beauty of a Jack. Actually it ran straight into a snag and I had no choice but to bust off. I hate that, I really do. From the lowers I went up to Red Hut. I haven’t fished here all season and so it was nice to wet a line up there. I was the only one there too. I picked up plenty of trout around here all on the Red Beastie. I got them in the fast water and in the deeper pools, I had a blast. It is a truly beautiful river and I can see why Ross drools over it so much. The amount of fishable water is staggering. This is going to have a massive run if we ever get the rain we keep getting promised.

So really guys, although all the rivers are low and clear the trout are moving in and the fishing is pretty damn good. take your time through the water, if it looks good and you have it to yourself, relax, go through your arsenal of fly’s, change leader length and weight, you will hook up.

If in doubt drop me a line and I will give you personal advice. I enjoy chewing the fat when it comes to trout.

Here are a few pictures taken this week, enjoy.

Regards Shane