Lake Taupo Trout Fishing, Trout guiding report for The 07th of June 2015

Shane French /

June 7, 2015


Hey all,

And it continues. I fished the Tongariro yesterday, all day and the fishing was suburb. Not only was I hooking up but other anglers up and down the river had bent rods as well, it was great to see.


I was asked by a friend to meet him at the Braids as he needed some Glo Bugs. In that packet I slipped in a simple Green Bead Reaper! We meet up just before dawn, had a cup of coffee and a catch up, then when the light was right we stepped into the water. Arron likes to fish the fast water in this spot, where as I being old and a little less inclines to do fast drifts, took the slower water at the top of the run. I was just using a Big Boys Bomb and a Glo Bug. I hooked up pretty fast and had three on the bank, (all released yesterday) before Arron found his sweet spot and started to hook up on a constant basis. Unfortunately the fast run he was fishing meant landing trout was an issue and he really had to haul them in asap. I ended up doing my usual thing and wondered off to find more water away from the crowds, that were starting to come out of the woodwork. I did a crossing that I know can be done to get me on the True Right and set off to explore the Braids. Good grief this has changed! There was pocket water everywhere, probably because of the higher water level and I had a bit of fun stalking some spooky fish that would have been better off with a dry fly and dropper rig rather than the monstrosity I was biffing at them. I then caught up to where the two currents merge and crossed there. The stretch down from there, (can’t remember those pools) was flowing fast with the increase in water volume, although I did pull two that were in close, resting in the quieter slower moving water. I then walked back up stream. In the mean time Arron had rung me to say he had his three (he needed fish for friends) and that he was off. He also ordered 1 Doz Green Bead Reapers :) Now for Arron to ask for anything but my Glo Bugs is a privilege for me. Actually I ran out of the buggers yesterday and really felt like I was missing something in my arsenal because of it. By the time I got back to my car the place was full with anglers.


So with that in mind I moved off to the upper section. I had fished this the previous weekend with Paul and did really well. I had my suspicions that no one would have done the necessary crossing to get to the best fishing and so thought “Oh well, its only a swim” this is not a sensible attitude especially as I was by myself. However I stopped at Burger king and ate about three pounds of Burgers to help with stability. When I got there, an angler was fishing the True left just up from where I wanted to cross. I asked him if he minded me crossing below him and that was ok. He mentioned he wanted to do the crossing but thought it was too deep. With all the heavy water levels we have been experiencing over the past three months, the rocks on the Tongariro are clean and free of slim, this makes for a much safer crossing. I had my trusty stick with me, did up my wading belt, super tight and waded in. I started high as I new the chances were I was going to need to drift down with the current. Part of the secret to deep crossings is to start high and drift down. If you fight the current you are more likely to have your feet taken out from underneath you and go for a proper swim. Understanding your abilities is a major for deep, swift crossings. Once I got out to the middle I had a moment of “shit I have chewed off a little too much this time”, it was indeed deep and coming down at quite a rate of knots. I knew however that if I drifted down it would get a little shallower, (taking me closer to the rapid however). so I moon walked over the boulders heading down but ALWAYS across. Within seconds I was on shallow ground and I put my 110KG to work and stood up to the current getting across with no issues apart from a slight increase in heart beat.   With no fresh footprints in the sand I had high hops for some good fishing. I was not disappointed, within the first three drifts at the back of the pool I hooked up and from then on it was a fish every few drifts. I walked the short distance to the next spot and on the first cast hooked up again. This spot held more trout than the first spot and I really slayed them in here, all on the Glo Bug. I know I would have taken a few more if I had switched to the Green Bead Reaper but as I say I was out of them by this stage. It was 4.00pm by now and I wanted to end the day in a rip and get a fresh Jack (hopefully for some Gravlax) so I geared up for the crossing and waded in. Ross Baker from Tongariro River Motel had taken some pictures of me on the True Right and thought I was a mad bugger for doing it. Hell he should have seen the cross back over, that was an exciting one as you can’t really start high, (too deep) and the deepest part of the crossing is on the true left just out from the bank. I took on a little water this time but managed it with very little issues apart from that.


The Tongariro is full of trout, I can honestly say it is some of the best fishing I have ever had on this river in the past ten years of fishing it regularly. Some of the trout are a wee bit on the small side but they are all in amazing condition. Arron ended up with a great jack of about 6 pounds so there are some bigger fish in there. For anyone wanting to stay in Turangi and chase these fish you really can’t go past the Tongariro River Motel, TRM. Ross and Pip have that place looking stunning and the amenities for families and fishermen alike are some of the best I have seen. Clean rooms, spacious living and full cooking  kitchens make it a very affordable great place to stay. Ross will only be to happy to give away the best places on the river to have a go at! Check them out at


So from there I tore down to the Hine rip and plonked my butt in there for two hours. It was slow going with one fish landed, (nice Jack) and one decent take that hurt my arm on the strike. I was a wee bit wet from my crossing on the Tongariro and it was a cold evening, so I bailed, came home and sat in a hot bath for half an hour to warm up. What a great day it was.


This morning, (Sunday) I had a mission to do. I wanted to have a look at the Waitahanui for a start but then I wanted to pick up the rubbish by the Pig Pool. Didymo Dave made the comment of my face book page that I am not doing enough for the Waitahanui fishery and that I should stop my bitching and whinging and just pick rubbish up instead of making silly comments about DOC. So after a rather heated conversation I decided that although his comments were out of place he made some sense. I am on the river every week and have the ability to pick up rubbish. So after hooking a really nice Jack in Gordon Williams, Video on my play list, hit video on this site. I gloved up and pulled out my big black plastic bag. I picked up everything I could find from Gordon Williams Down to Pig. Actually the track was pretty clean, that is until I got to the pig pool. Wow it was way worse than I imagined, once you start looking for it, it is everywhere. Cardboard boxes and general house stuff thrown into the bushes. I mean I can understand someone throwing bags of household rubbish out if you are that way inclined but EMPTY cardboard boxes. Hells bells we have free recycling in Taupo, all you have to do is put it out on the curb :( the funny side is that it took more effort to throw it into the bush than it would have to place it outside their house. So apparently that is my new job on the river!

Take care all. I hope your weekend has been a great one and all are safe.

Regards Shane