Lake Taupo Trout Fishing and Trout Guiding Report For The 08th Of October 2015

Shane French /

October 8, 2015





Hey all.

Sorry for the lack of reports, again! Lots of distractions have been going on in the back ground although these are pretty much sorted now. Thank you for the emails many have sent in over the past month.

So lets get into this report.

Oh Dear the Waitahanui. Shit I opened a can of worms on this river. I was guiding there a week back when some kids started to throw stones/ rocks at us. Unfortunately they also had two trout they had taken without a licence or a rod. I took off after them, (because of the rocks) and when I caught up with the young boy with the trout, I video’d his response to my questions. His two mates who had been throwing the stones had taken off and left him. I then came home and asked the face Book community if I should post the video, they said yes, so I did. The response from the local Waitahanui community was rapid and somewhat severe!! However in all the comments, (and there are heaps of them) I learnt a thing or two and it certainly isn’t just “Black and White” when it comes to the rules, certainly in the Locals eyes. They have some customary rights that do need looking at. My point of, if you start poaching, (taking fish without a fly rod) and get away with it, then at some stage do they think a Net is a better way of taking trout. Once that starts the fishery takes a hit. That has always been my point. I think DOC just caught some poachers with a net!!! I wonder if they started small, a trout here a trout there. Me personally I would like all the locals to have rods and have the ability to take trout for the table using this method. I would be more than willing to give my time and teach the young ones some skills. Anyway I made some bad choices with my words to start with and got roasted, it has been an interesting week. I would like to think the Waitahanui is a safe place to fish, I won’t be going back in there until I have had a powwow with the locals face to face and hopefully this is going to be set up soon. There are fish in there.



So I have just gone over the hill for the past week as I have been quite busy guiding. The Hinemaiaia has plenty of older trout in there and they have been smashing the Red Bead Reaper. I mentioned that this little Nymph would come into its own and it certainly has now on the Hine. They have even been hitting it on the swing, as it lifts off the bottom. I had a family of three on here last Saturday. We did our training down low in the river and then drove upstream and hunted a few out. The young ten year old boy managed two all by himself. I have forgotten the joy this job brings me when a client hooks up, plays it and then I net it, smile from ear to ear! The Hinemaiaia certainly fishes better when the level is up a wee bit and that was the case on Saturday. The fish don’t spook as easily. I took two awesome guys out Monday. I have guided Mark a few times now, in fact he was one of the original ones from the lodge. He bought a friend this time Tim and we had a fantastic half day. Getting them to do things that were outside of their skill set was neat as they picked things up super fast. Roll cast and fishing with weight, line control and casting in general. These two are super ready for the summer season ahead and were just neat people in general. Heaps of trout in the Hinemaiaia, please watch the Reeds!!



I haven’t fished the Tauranga Taupo for a few weeks. However being so low I would be hitting anything with depth. I would be using stealth as much as possible. Nice long leaders and slightly weighted nymphs. The 3.8 Ml Tungsten Reaper is a killer in these conditions. Just enough to get down but not heavy enough to lesson your drift. Put a Red Bead Reaper on the point and Boom Baby you have a killer rig. I think the Red Bead gives it that interesting, “what was that” appeal, Its not in your face but has attraction. As I have said the end of the season has always been good for this type of nymph. I bet the upper reaches are full of the slimy little buggers. I said fish the deep water and that definitely means the riffles.


Like the TT I haven’t fished the Tongariro for ages and I don’t have anything to go on it, however good grief it must have plenty of trout right throughout its length. last time I was in there with a client some of the deeper pools in the mid section were full of trout. I have had a fantastic season on the Tongariro and I am super excited about the Brown trout season next year.

So the back country season started up on the 1st. I went mad and hiked into the back of beyond, camped the night before opening and then did a massive beat. There were trout all the way through and all of them took the Blue Raptor and the 3.8 ml Tungsten Reaper. This is a super fantastic rig for all back country streams. I found the fish to be a little beat up from all the high water they have had to struggle with this winter but they will now gain condition quickly. I saw numerous hatches coming out on the Thursday.

So please be safe out there, summer is just around the corner.

Cheers Shane, aka RiverDog!