Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Trout Guiding Report For The 12th Of September 2013

Shane French /

September 12, 2013


Hey all.

I did a double take at the TT rain gauge this morning. 1.6 is a fair flow and it looks like a wall of water came down, there was no steady increase. These cloud bursts in the hills can be really scary if you are on the wrong side of a river and it comes up that fast.

I am out and about tomorrow to have a look at the more southern end of the lake if the levels drop. The fact the lake is down and the heavy rain seems to have blown through, they may be fishable. I promise to leave you one or two :)

IMG_1424The hansom Aussie in the picture had never fished the Waitahanui, (even though he has fished Taupo for a century ). Chris has always been a huge supporter of my guiding and actually anything to do with me and fishing. So being the first to show him The Nui’s secrets was cool. He loves all nature and beauty so he was blown away with the tranquility the Waitahanui oozes.  It’s a peaceful river. I expected there to be cars everywhere, when we got there after 7.00 but to my surprise, we were first. We jumped out and I showed him the access past the private land. Watch this track as it is narrow with a step drop off close by. We slowly fished our way up to Gordon Williams.   There are trout everywhere, many of them spawning and not interested at all. The others seemed spooky and we actually had a hard morning, only picking up two. As I say however there seemed to be plenty of trout up there. From there we dropped back down into the middle pools. The numbers were down in this section, although that can change in the blink of an eye.  Chris is a very good angler and has one of the sweetest Roll Casts I have seen. He was not afraid to hold his trout from running and did this with the expertise of a Hinemaiaia fisherman. The trout that are in the uppers may come on when they have finished their matting but we found it tough going.

All the trout were silver ,apart from the odd older Brown. We spottered some very nice trout moving around. They weren’t interested in anything but naturals today and in fact the smaller Hen that I hooked, took the weighted Reaper and that was my Glo Bug rig.

When we drove home the Rip had about 6 people in it, so maybe they were expecting a run :) it certainly looked good.

I hope the rivers clear. Feel free to get in touch with me to get a more up to date report. More than happy to help there.


Regards Shane