Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Trout Guiding Report For The 18th Of September 2013

Shane French /

September 18, 2013


Hey all.

In came the rain and following close on its heals, the trout moved in :) I have been dreaming about this for months and it didn’t disappoint! Probably the only river that didn’t get a good run of fresh trout going through was the Hinemaiaia but lets face it this river has fired all season, so there can’t have been that many fish left to come in.

IMG_1448The Waitahanui certainly had good numbers of trout in it. Some of the fish that had been busy spawning the week before came on the bite and I had a blast in there. They were scattered right through the system as well making for a really enjoyable few hours fishing. This river had little or NO pressure when I fished it too. I guess everybody was out fishing the other tribs :)

As expected the Tauranga Taupo dropped in volume pretty fast and left a huge amount of fish just begging to be caught. The pressure on this river was extreme and I try to leave it alone when it’s like this. I did do a beat that does not get a lot of pressure and found trout everywhere. They were moving through though as the water dropped.

IMG_1473I was cracking my neck to get onto the Tongariro as I wanted to see, 1) if it was going to get a good run and 2) if they could get past the mess of lines and bombs at the bridge. The answer was yes to both of those. This river is full of trout. There are the older ones and the fresh run trout that have moved in. Yesterday I took Ralph “the slayer” into a section of this mighty piece of water. Ralph and I started off as guide and client but passed that stage ages ago and now I just enjoy watching someone who loves the sport catch trout. Honestly the face says it all. The fish on the Tongariro yesterday were more than obliging and we had plenty of hook ups. In the end we took two beautiful fish home for the smoker. Both of these were chocka full of White Caddis. Honestly I have never seen trout so full of food and these were huge caddis too, some of them well over an inch long. The Glo Bugs still had their place but as you can see from the picture below with this awesome Hen of almost 5 pounds, the Reaper took its share too. Rule of thumb if the water looks good and you are not hooking up, try something different. Trout can just “hone” into a food source and no matter what you throw at them, they will not be interested.


IMG_1430The water levels are dropping but we are due for some more rain on Friday, hopefully this will push a few more fish into the systems.

My site is getting an overhaul next week and so this will be my last report for about 10 days or so. Take care out there enjoy the wonderful fishing.


Regards Shane