Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Trout Guiding Report For The 1st Of June 2015

Shane French /

June 1, 2015


Hey all,

Apparently DOC have been onto the Waitahanui a few times over the past few weeks and written out some fines! That is great news, however I believe the poaching has moved from the lower, middle and (lower) upper regions to the top of the drivable track, winter limit. There is also a large amount of rubbish being thrown out of cars up at the Pig Pool. I will send DOC a letter today congratulating them on doing their job further down the river but asking why the mess at the Pig Pool has not been addressed. If need be, it will again become a heated topic for me. The Waitahanui Anglers Improvement Association! , (this is the group of anglers associated with the Waitahanui to protect its waters), need a rocket up their collective arses. I was a member in this little band of brothers, (on the committee even) for all of 6 months until I realized just how crooked they were under the leader ship of their club captain. I left after one particular BS move they made. This group has a place on the Taupo Fishing Advisory Association. Umm Why!!


The Waitahanui has been left out of the fishery’s protection for years, that was proven last season when I jumped on that band wagon and we found out it had been walked by DOC Less than TEN days in a YEAR. The Season before that, I had a HUGE fight to get the rubbish in the picture removed and when I say a huge fight I mean that in every sense of the word. So why is there an organization out there with the name “Improvement Association” representing, 1) the Waitahanui and 2) our bloody fishery, when they are obviously hopeless, at the former and most likely at the later! I understand you catch more Bees with Honey than you do with vinegar but honestly guys i’m all out of Honey! Watch this space….

So I had a look at most of the rivers this Week and to be honest with the lack of rain and wind accompanied by the dropping water level, a few of them slowed up a wee bit. Here is how it went down for me.

The Waitahanui certainly is low and clear. I have walked this river three times this week, (mainly to see if this rubbish would vanish, it hasn’t). I struggled to see too many trout in the system however I always came out with a few hooked up. This river needs such a helping hand, it is so sad.


I looked at two spots on the Hinemaiaia. The angling pressure was a bit lower than it has been, through the week. I believe this was probably due to other rivers being fishable and therefore spreading the load. I pulled a couple of nice fish and spoke to some anglers who had been lucky themselves, to have a quiet river. I bet it got thumped this weekend. It can’t hold this pressure for long guys!


The Tauranga Taupo level dropped and it became harder to hook up. I decided to have a look at the lower section, (below) the power lines. Wow I found all the snags that the top section does not have. I admit I was pushing the envelope with weight and where I was placing my Nymphs, but Gahhhhhhh. I gave up after the 6th complete bust off. If I was going to fish the TT I would be targeting deeper water and deeper faster riffly bits.


So I needed a fish for the smoker and the one river I have not had a look at is the Tongariro. I have had plenty of reports that it has good numbers of trout in there but hey all that did was fuel the firs to get down there. My knee is a bit buggered at the moment and so I needed a mate to help me out. I took Paul with me. We were on the water early and did a small beat I love to fish.We immediately, (first cast) got onto trout and from there it just stayed HOT! In the end Paul landed 13 and dropped 6 and I dropped 3 and landed 6, all in 4 hours. Really good to see!


We are due a bit more rain this week with a Northeasterly wind. It should push a few fish into the systems again.

The stand out Nymph for me this week Has been the Green Bead Reaper, (as per the pictures). Yes the Glo Bug and Big Boys Bomb caught trout but Paul kicked my Butt with the Green Reaper and as soon as I changed over to it, (cause he was doing just that) I hooked up. I also used it to good effect on the Waitahanui yesterday in low water conditions.

Tight lines for the week, be safe on the water.

Regards Shane