Lake Taupo Trout Fishing and Trout Guiding Report for the 20th Of march 2016

Shane French /

March 20, 2016




Hey all.

Wow we are nearly into the Winter months for the Taupo fishery, damn what the heck happened to Summer?

The lake is producing lots of trout but it is a very mixed bag and I guess depends on whether the trout have been following around the food in the lake. I have heard of a few 5 to 6 pound hens coming out but there are plenty of horror stories about thin lean silver fish too. I really don’t want to be hearing those stories.

The Tongariro has tried to fire over summer but it is a pittance on last season. maybe it will all happen at once, who knows. Once again some of the stories coming from the Tongariro suggest I just wasn’t there on the day. It seems the Brown trout have stuck in one section below the bridge and really haven’t budged. This time last year they were right through the river up to the Blue pool.


I went back into the Tauranga Taupo for a look the other day. If you want some fun have a look in there. I hope the TT fires like it did last year, that was amazing.

The Hinemaiaia has some nice fish in there too, with lots of little guys splashing the surface. Weed is a issue at this time of year so go super light and let them rise up for it.

probably the best river in the area at the moment would have to the Waitahanui. Yup I am having T shirts made up saying”I fished the Nui and lived” na it was never that bad :) there are some massive Browns in there and one or two really nice Rainbows as well. I took home a good hen of about 4.5 pounds the other day. The eggs were super small, I mean this thing was a long way from spawning so who knows what it was doing in there at this time of the year. I would certainly have a look at this river though if you want some quality trout.

Regards Shane