Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Trout Guiding Report For The 24th Of August 2013

Shane French /

August 24, 2013


Hey All.

Yippy!!!! We got the rain we desperately needed and it pushed a heap of trout into all the Taupo Rivers. Actually to be totally honest most of the rivers had a massive run leading up to the rain, when they were low and clear. These trout were obviously desperate to get in and spawn. I came across some huge pods of fish all bunched together on all the rivers I fished this week. I am paying for the amount of walking I did at the start of the week but that was partly due to going into a back country system that is open all year. I am at a fairly low point emotionally because of my knee and I know my days are numbered for getting out onto this type of water I love so much. I am refusing to take pain killers as you need your wits about you while walking on this type of terrain. I turned down my summer contract with Chris Jolly early in the week and that bought it home. So with that in mind I thought bugger it and pushed myself. Apart from paying for it now, I had a wonderful day out. I never saw another person and I got to fish a beat I had never seen before. Although fish numbers were not high the water was beautiful, the day was warm and sunny and the trout I did pick up were all in great condition and really put a bend in my 5#. Hopefully I will get back in here over summer when the fish numbers are a little higher and they are taking off the surface. I also came across a small trib that looked worth a look.

IMG_1165So Wednesday I threw the kids out early and headed South for a look at the Tongariro. I really wanted to give the Red Beastie another go and I knew from past years, Red type Nymphs at this time of year worked well. I wasn’t disappointed! In fact I was over the bloody Moon. This Nymph is slaying them. I have it tied below my weighted Winged Reaper and it is really doing the trick. A very good client/ Friend of mine, (Ralph the slayer) purchased some when he gave me some trout to smoke for him and he had a blast on the Waitahanui with them. I am using them on a ten foot leader with the last 4 feet being 6 pound Fluro. It is a stealthy little rig. If you are using 6 pound make sure your knots are well tied, if in doubt re Tie as these trout are in fantastic condition and will test your tackle. Paul and I got onto a group of fish the other day that would have averaged 4 pounds. They were all solid hard fighting dirty little sods, that used every trick in the book to get off. The runs they made were blistering and if you don’t give them line on these runs, you will get busted off. I am using Glo Bugs for the start of the day but then once they go off these I put on a Red bead reaper and away I go again. Word is out about these and I am frantically tying up for clients.

IMG_1159The Waitahanui has had a steady trickle of Trout go through over the week, once again. These are paring up now and spawning, so getting them to take is a little hard. I was given a Brown Trout to smoke yesterday from the Nui. LOL its August, someone needs to tell the Browns they shouldn’t be in the system by now. It was a little on the dark side but the flesh was ok and it was certainly a big trout. There are fish all through the Waitahanui at the moment.

IMG_1168The Hinemaiaia is still getting Runs going through. The water level was up yesterday and I watched fresh run trout going through. The Green Bead reaper did well for me in here early in the week, Tied under a Weighted hair and Copper. The Hine has had a brilliant season.

IMG_1169The Tauranga Taupo finally got some volume. It climbed quickly to just over .6 and then dropped just as fast due to the low lake level sucking it out. In went a BIG group of trout. As I drove past yesterday I couldn’t count the cars, there were so many. Gaaahhhhhh, take your time through this water when that many people are fishing it. I like to stay low in the river and get the fish as they move through. Remember they are running so new trout will come into a pool on a regular basis. I did the lower section yesterday and did really well with the red Beastie. I knew this Nymph would slay them on the TT.

IMG_1170I’m 100% sure the Waimarino is getting poached at the river mouth. It should have been full of the slimy little fellows but I really struggled in here. I will be having a little chat to DOC about this and next week when the water levels drop again, I will take a walk up past the winter limit to see what the fish numbers are like up there.

So really guys, you should get down (or up) to Taupo this coming week as there are plenty of hungry trout in all the rivers and they are in fantastic condition. The pictures below are just a few of the ones I landed this week.

Tight Lines and be safe on the water.

Regards Shane