Lake Taupo Trout Fishing and Trout Guiding Report For The 26th Of August 2015

Shane French /

August 26, 2015




Hey all.

The Waitahanui like the other rivers is getting a steady trickle of trout moving through at the moment. I watched a young Local lad Tavis, pull two nice Browns from there on Sunday afternoon. He was really thinking outside the box and using a downstream Nymphing technique. Both Browns were over 6 pounds, nice work buddy. I hooked three while I did a short beat. I was fishing it late in the day and I must say at that time of night the river is totally different with the light.


The Hinemaiaia just wont stop producing and even with all the pressure it is getting there are trout holding all the way through.

I shot past the Tauranga Taupo on Friday and nearly cried at the number of cars in the parking area. I was a little late getting on there and at 9. am there were about 13 cars. This river has had a great season so far. I had some clients who bought a heap of Big Boys Bombs from me this week and I heard back from them saying it fired all the way up with some very nice silver bullets in there two. They did mention the the Nymphs they bought from me did the trick too. Great to hear.


I fished the Waimarino on Friday as the TT was full of cars. I walked a fair way and although I did pull trout on a regular basis they were not in large numbers, until I got right to the top. The water volume was quite fast but the colour was perfect. On my way back home I came across an angler from Hamilton. In the past he had fished the Waimarino to good effect but today he had struggled. We talked about his rig that was too light in the dropper and the Glo Bug was too small. There was actually a piece of water a few meters away from where we were standing that I new should have held fish. I was going to fish it but suggested he drop back down with me and give it a go. I rigged him up with my gear and added a little split shot as the holding water was quite short and weight was needed. He had the skills to lob it in and two seconds later his indicator was viciously yanked under. He was a very happy man! That is what guiding is all about for me. Yes the money is good but helping people to enjoy their day is the icing on the cake.


I fished the Tongariro last week as well. I did the true right on Boulder Reach. First cast and whack I was in. I then dropped a super Brown a few minutes later and then it went dead for me. I should have changed sections but stuck it out up there and suffered because of it. A few anglers were on the river and unfortunately I did the walk to The Poutu pool before I realized it was occupied :( I fished around Red Hut but yeah I didn’t touch another trout all day.

We had some rain further south of Taupo and the Rivers are high again. The Tauranga Taupo is taking forever to drop now as the lake is very full. They will be super fishy by the weekend.


Outstanding Nymphs for me this week have been the Big Boys Bomb, The Green Reaper( Waitahanui) and of course my Glo Bugs. However in saying that I have had two massive orders for flies more suited to Summer Fishing. I have tied lots of Blue Raptors and Black Bodied Reapers this week. I have a new batch of indicator fully dried and ready to go, these look awesome as I have some new colours added into them. I am building a strong clientele for my indicators now as more and more people realize how damn good they are.

I have my son this weekend and we are going to have a look at all the rivers. So until my next post, tight lines and be safe on the water.

Regards Shane