Lake Taupo Trout Fishishing And Guiding Report For The 4th Of May 2011

Shane French /

May 4, 2011

Hey All,

Well you certainly have to work for your trout at the moment in all of the Taupo Rivers. The rain that we have had on and off has not done a lot for the fishery. The wind has been coming from the East and that does nothing for us. We need a good stiff Westerly with some rain! I should watch what I wish for though at the moment with our weather systems!!!

A client of mine got a very nice Hen out of the Hine last Saturday. The river was empty of anglers and the conditions were perfect. We had a few hook ups but we certainly covered some water. The fish went just over 4 pounds but was fat and fought like a demon.

I went back in there on the Sunday and never got a touch!!

The Tauranga Taupo is in fantastic condition, I am really looking forward to fishing the TT this year. I got a nice Jack out of there yesterday and landed a few in the 2 pound mark. One of these little brutes was a miniture trophy!!! It already had a good bump on its head, had broad shoulders and a deep solid gut. It was all of about 13 inches long!! I hope to God it wasn’t a spawning fish but rather one that was heading to the lake after a good summer in the river.

I haven’t touched the Tongariro but then if Ross is saying there are few fish in there, it must be bad :)

I am doing a winter special, guiding Tuesday deal, so if you are interested in a full day on a Taupo river at a good price, let me know.

Take care on the water.