Lake TaupoTrout Fishing report For The 21st 01 2009

Shane French /

January 21, 2009

Hey All,

bigbird-dinner3Good to be back up and running after such a long time being down. If you want to know the reason for the down time please go into the forum and read the Welcome Back thread by Kotuku. I certainly suggest any one wanting to start up a Web Site and who is looking for a hosting company should read it!

I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year out there and that reels screamed and rods bent!

I have done a heap of fishing for myself and a wee bit of guiding on the side as well.

The Waitahanui has some monster browns in there at the moment and the rip is humming at night as well.

dscf19752Try the Hinemaiaia with a Cicada and dropper rig, working those fast riffly bits of water. I haven’t heard much on the rip but I bet there are some Browns lurking out there.

I heard a rumor that Waipahi is going off at night. Floating line and short trace here guys and for Gods sake don’t wade!

I guided on the Tauranga Taupo the other day and we had a blast, landing well over twenty fish for the day. Some of these were only a pound with the best being just over four but they all made Nates little 5# Axiom bend like hell! we used a Royal Wolf with a Mighty Mite as the dropper. All these fish were in the middle section. There are a heap of Trout in the Tauranga Taupo!

dscf03802OMG the Tongariro is full of trout. There are probably more trout in this River now than there were over winter and the condition of them is Awesome. Andrew Christmas the bastard keeps ringing me up telling me about them and the Brown trout on his web site that he foul hooked, (hehe) was a beauty. Those Cicadas are chirping like mad as well.

Back Country:

Some of these rivers have had a pounding over the Christmas break and will take a month to adjust. All the fish are fat little bullets though and will test your skill to the max. Try walking a little ways to get out of that area of high pressure.

Ok thats it for the first post of the new year, great to be back!

Regards Shane